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Starting today, a bit nervous


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Hello, a friend did a whole 30 and lost a little weight, but more importantly, feels a lot better!


I  am different. I am about 80 lbs overweight, have diabetes, hbp, and hypotyroidism (Hosimoto's). I am an older mother of two (we were told we couldn't have children for the first twelve years of our marriage), who are 9 and 15. I also home school and have a housefull of pets (4 dogs, two cats and a new parakeet). Although my family is very supportive, they will only be joining me for the dinner (or 3rd) meal. They accept that most sweets will not be in the house (except ice cream because it's their favorite, and I'm not a fan) and if they have a craving, the three of them can load up in the car and go get something to eat (like a soda or candy bar, etc.) and eat it before they get home (go to a park or something). Even that indulgence will be limited.


I feel like I use food as a comfort thing. I eat when I am sad (oh poor me), happy (great, lets eat some sweets!) and anywhere in between. I don't overeat the comfort food, like eating a box of cookies in one sitting, but I graze all day. I have almost no energy, my type 2 diabetes is not under control completely. I guess I am like a ostrich and sticking my head in the sand to avoid the daily pricks and just rely on taking my daily medications. About four years ago, I was seeing a nutritionist, and he had me on a meat/veggie diet for four months. I lost over 40 lbs, but I never lost my cravings (and I never cheated). He had me start with low glycemic fruits like berries and green apples. That worked, but then I found a "bar" that I thought was a good food, called "Raw Revolution". I loved the coconut and chocolate one. That was my downfall. I went into freefall, adding more and more of the stuff I knew was bad for me. I've gained about 15 lbs back over the years. Since then, I haven't tried to curtail my eating, except to stick to MOSTLY healthy foods (salads every day, organic berries, home made dinners) with some very naughty things thrown in (sodas, potato chips, candy (read CHOCOLATE) and lately doughnuts).


I am ready for the change. I am nervous because my last shot at a more paleo diet didn't give me energy or stop my cravings. I did lose a lot of weight, so that was great, and my skin and hair were amazing. It was incredibly hard, and the thing that kept me going and staying on track, was knowing that my diabetes would go away. And it almost did. BUT, all I had to make my meals from was a list of acceptable foods. I got so tired of the salad with chicken and avocado, and the steaks with a side salad. There was little variety. And I was so tired that I was uninspired to make up my own recipes.


This time, with Whole30, there is a lot more variety, a lot more recipes and a lot more support to help me on my way. I am going to be starting a group on Facebook with friends, so they can stay abreast of what is going on, and encourage me. Maybe I can influence one of them to start on whole30, too!


Finally, a question: When you first start, does it feel overwhelming? I think about all the stuff I will need to do to prep-premake-make, it feels like most of my day will be taken up with all this. I home school, so I need to be able to spend time with my 9-year-old to get her work completed. I want to show her all the cool foods that we can make homemade, like mayo, sauces, ketchup and the like. I just need to settle down and stop all the worrying.

Thanks for taking the time to read my novelette. :)

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I just need to settle down and stop all the worrying.   Yes. 


It took me a year but I've kicked T2 in the arse.   You can't play with it or swing back and forth with a Whole 30 style eating and then bounce back into the SAD.  That ends badly.   If you'll stay the course and eliminate what you cannot moderate -  with a bunch of sugar avoidance.....you can get there.  I've completely avoided all refined sugars, do not drink fruit juice, eat dried fruits or nut butters.  I avoid all grains and sugars, including dairy. 


It does take true grit and drawing a line in the sand.   You have to declare to yourself and for yourself....that you want a permanent change for the Big Win.   When you do get there - there is no finish line.   I can tell you that it's worth it....sooooo worth it. 


Doctors orders trump Whole 30 and I'm not advocating anyone quit taking their T1 or T2 meds without being under a Doctor's supervision.  

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Finally, a question: When you first start, does it feel overwhelming? I think about all the stuff I will need to do to prep-premake-make, it feels like most of my day will be taken up with all this. 



It is a little overwhelming at first if you're not used to cooking so much. Precooking as much as possible can be really helpful -- check out this post about a weekly meal plan and how to get it all cooked up in a few hours on the weekend.


If that's not an option, try to make sure every time you cook anything, you cook extra. Grilling chicken? put as many pieces as you can on the grill. Roasting some veggies for supper? Put an extra tray in to roast at the same time, or while the oven is preheated, put a couple of trays of veggies in to cook while you eat supper. 


After a month, you'll have some kind of schedule that works for you, and it'll be a lot easier.

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It did feel overwhelming.  And I don't have your health concerns but you can do it.  I did have a bit of panic after giving up sugar on day 1 and a good friend hung in there with me while I ranted about not being able to do it.  He reminded me repeatedly that it was just old feelings and I fianlly got the picture in my mind that I just had to do one day at a time and in the end I would be quite pleased thet I stuck with my decision for thirty days.  That was 33 days ago.  


It took me a couple of weeks to get a in a groove.  I did figure out to make double of some things, like a big pot of chicken soup so that I had someting i could freeze for lunches or a quick dinner. After about 2 weeks I realized that my feeling hungry was just an old fear/feeling and I decided not to think that any more.  Also the longer I stuck with it that easier it became to stick with it. 


My mom had a stroke on day 28 and I was in the hospital all day.  I did really well staying on program on day 28 and 29 but on day 30, I was feeling like I needed a treat.  I decided to eat french fries and chicken fingers and I enjoyed them throughly.  However, my body gave me good feed back - I had stomach cramps for the first time all month, woke up with bags under my eyes and the back pain that I had for years that left me on day 7 returned the next morning!!  So I am back on program fully recommitted its day 3.  I hope this encourages you. Warmly, nancy

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