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Clarified Butter VS. Ghee

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Ok, I've read many recipes that call for one or the other. Are they the same thing? Ghee I can buy in the asian aisle of my local stores, Clarified Butter I can not buy locally (and from what I'm reading, pretty much have to make your own).

People use Clarified Butter in coffee....can you use Ghee?

Thanks for helping clear this up for me.

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Clarified butter is made by melting butter and removing the milk solids,it is often used in French cooking and is the base for hollandaise.Melt butter at low heat,the stuff that drops to the bottom is the milk and is easy to remove.

Ghee is generally used in South Asian cooking and also involves removing the milk solids,they just cook there's out a bit longer.

I always make my own.It does not require cold storage and will keep forever in an air tight container

The coffee idea sounds like bulletproof coffee


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