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Start date: 27 May, 2015


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I have a binge eating disorder. There, I said it. The worse thing to me about it is that my job is to help people with this as well as other health issues. So knowledge clearly is not power. I need someone to outline a clear path for me because "just drink a cup of water to make sure you're just not thirsty" isn't working for me. Enter Whole30. I am very excited about this concept. My weakness is sugar. I have the sweet tooth of a Willy Wonka character and the uncanny ability to hide the effects of said sweet tooth with occasional weeks of vigorous exercise. It is simultaneously defeating and cathartic to write this down somewhere that isn't one of the myriad journals I have poking out from under my couch where I've forgotten them. And I am not yet comfortable enough to reveal this to my friends and family as I would likely be pressed to reveal the origin of my disordered eating. Never mind admitting perceived weakness to people who view me as the "pillar of strength". Those words were actually used by one of my loved ones to describe me once. I almost choked on my powdered doughnut. So, I hope that I find a community here that will help me with this path because I am sick of the double life, the bloat, the shame and the power that food has over me. 


By my start date, I plan to finish reading the Whole30 book, read this forum obsessively building a successful kitchen so that I can hit the ground running. Good luck (is that what you say about something like this?) to me and to everyone on this journey.



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I too am a binge eater. Thank you for having courage and opening a door for others. I have not had bread, grains or sugar for 5 months but as a skilled binger, I have the ability to binge on whatever I have convinced myself is 'okay'. I'm hoping Whole30 will help me make better decisions and control this lifelong 'monkey on my back'. Good luck to you.

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Correra and Molly

I'm sure some of us have experienced this from time to time

I commend you for your courage and telling in this forum

Please don't keep this weight on your shoulders too much longer

Here you will find the answers to great nutrition

And it will change your life

Promise. ..help is on the way

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Correra, you know the drill.  You know what causes binge eating in general and particular.  Alot of thrill eaters look into their pasts and childhoods for the clues....what the root cause is.  I'm beyond willing to plumb the depths of the soul for answers.  


We can search every dark corner and even the ugly places of the ego and super ego - hoping to find signs that point towards the key to unlock the mysteries of thrill eating.  If there is no readily identifiable trauma, no weird attitudes about food, diets and no one was hung up on food in general in the family while growing up...

No particular peer pressure

Did not suffer the slings and arrows of bullies

School years were blissfully uneventful and no struggles with sneak eating - stealing food and hiding it in the closets


You can check off every item and thrill eating, binging and dis-eating can still show its head in adulthood. Weight begins swinging wildly UP and down and certain foods that didn't bother one as a child can make them crazy pants.   


Theoretically, I'd love to know the why, why, why and unlock all of the mysteries of thrill eating.   I haven't totally given up on the Why.   I look for the connections and patterns with interest but I don't obsess over the Why or get bogged down in the unknown roots.


Even when someone uncovers their secret key or knows their roots - did it change everything for them?


I have found that that Sugar = Approval   &   Cheering   &    Love.    We all learn this as tiny children.


So my time is better spent on dealing with the  present than the past.  I believe in a bunch of sugar avoidance.   Go  Cold Turkey with snacking.   Eat your three meals as defined in ISWF.    Allow 4-5 hours inbetween meals.    A Whole 30 is gentle but very consistent.   It is the consistency that will keep you in decent working order - body, mind and soul.   

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