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Does anyone use anything other than pen/paper to do their meal planning for the week?


I like the site


You can set up your profile to show what kind of diet  you are following - for whole30, the closest option is paleo. The site will give you a weekly menu that matches your diet and a grocery list for the weeks menu! You can make changes to the menu and add your own recipes, and the grocery list continues to update automatically!

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A bit late, but I use Plan to Eat....I'm new to Whole30, so I'm building up my recipes, but it's pretty easy to do.  I can add any recipe online by clicking a button, then drop it into my weekly planner and adjust for the number of servings.  It also builds my grocery list, so I know exactly what I need, and takes account what I have already on hand in my pantry.  It also allows you to tag meals, so I can build up specific lists of Whole30, WeightWatchers, Party Ideas, etc. recipes for others to use.  It's not a free site, but it's one of the best I've seen and is pretty user-friendly.   

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