Elissa W

Start date June 1

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Hooray! My partner and I completed Whole 30! Overall - easy to do, but my body wasn't pleased with all the fiber. Especially in the last two weeks... lots of... undesirable trips to the bathroom =/



I lost 9.5 lbs and 3.6% body fat. (For reference, I'm 5'8" - finished at 119.5 lbs)

My partner lost 20 lbs and 5.9% body fat. (For reference, he's 6' and finished at 165 lbs)


Most of my pants are too big. We're going to stick to many of the habits we created this month (more salads, homemade dressing, healthy snacks!) but I can't wait to eat things like sushi, dark chocolate, and peanut butter again! (Strangely, I don't miss bread, beans, or any dairy at all.)

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