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I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, but life got away from me! I finished my first Whole 30 on May 6th. While I continued on the plan for another 5 days, I did break down and weigh myself on day 31, and was amazed to find that I had lost 15-lbs! But more importantly, I have Multiple Sclerosis, and I am a type two diabetic. The Whole 30 has been amazing for my conditions. I'm sleeping through the night (7-hours vs 3-4 hours.) My "pins and needles" sensations are much better.


Also, my blood sugar, even on medication, had hovered in the 200-220 range for almost a year now. One week into the Whole 30, it was down into the 170's, by week three it was in the 150's, and now it consistently in the 120's! I haven't seen numbers this good in over a year! I've been able to discontinue one of my medications completely, and reduce the other by half. These results have prompted me to get right back on plan, with just the one day "break" for Mother's Day (and even then, I ate so conservatively that it was ridiculous.)


I've gotten so many compliments, from people asking if I've lost weight, to "your skin is glowing," and "huh, something about you looks different" to my favorite "did you get Botox or something?" I've started running again (something I haven't been able to do in six months) and started a weekly yoga class. While I'm not back at 100%, I'd say I'm at 80% . . . up from 40-50% on an average day. HUGE improvements! I've definitely lost even more weight over the last week since I've started my second Whole 30. I dropped two pants sizes so far!


My relationship with food has changed too. I am now starting to look at food as fuel for my body, as opposed to it being a reward to myself. I'm not mindlessly eating, I'm consciously making decisions about what I'm putting into my body. It's like the switch has been flipped!


I know everyone around me is sick of hearing about Whole 30, but I'll continue to preach on . . . the results have been so worth it!!



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