I'm pretty sure I overeat.. Should I start over?

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I'm on my day 2.


Day 1:

- 9am: one hard boiled egg before I go workout (I can't have a full meal breakfast because I'll have to wait to digest it)

- 2pm: for lunch, I had scramble egg (4) with chopped green and red pepper (about 1/4 cup of each) and 1/2 cup of mushroom, cooked it extra virgin oil, salt, pepper. Ate it with 1/2 cups of guacamole on the side (I made it with tomato, jalapeño, lime juice and salt), I also had half a sweet potato and about 1/4 cups of organics brand's "organic roasted cashews with sea salt"

P.S: I was very very full after lunch and in a food coma

- 5:30 pm: I had work til 10:30pm (I work in a restaurant so all I had was water and literally no time to take break to even bring my own dinner to work)

-11pm: I was starving, I had the other 1/2 of sweet potato, 1 cups of green grapes and 1/2 cup of cashews (yes I know that's a lot!)


Day 2

- 9am: one hard boiled egg & one tablespoon of guacmole from leftover before I go workout

- 12pm: chicken salad; chicken (2 skinless boneless chicken thigh, about my palm size and yes i know I should've just had one), salad (romaine lettuce only), 2 tablespoon of tessmae's lemon garlic dressing. Also had 2 boiled eggs, I took out the york and mixed it with 2 tablespoons of guac and made deviled eggs (yum!) half a sweet potato, 1 cup of grape, 1/2 cups of cashews 

-food coma again. I usually dont eat this much and for lunch I would just have a turkey sandwich and/or an acai bowl. But I guess since im new to this and new to these food and it taste good so I overeat  :(

-4pm: work until 10:30

-Again, Im starving, I went to vons for some grocery shopping and bought more potato, a canned of tuna and a bag of pistachio

On my way home, I finished of half bags of pistachio


Sigh I know I ate like a pig and seriously need some self control. It seems like I cant have proper dinner due to my work schedule and I feel like I ate my dinner during lunch too. I dont eat a full meal breakfast because I want to go workout, anything more than a boiled egg, i'll be too full to run on the treadmill (before whole30, I literally only had a slice of bread before I go workout)

In a week, I have 3-4 night shifts so my schedule will prob listed as above, workout in the morning, lunch, chill or run some errand then go to work. 


What do you think of my progress so far? Good or bad opinions is welcome, I just want to do my best to lose weight fast.

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Actually I don't think you're eating enough.

The idea is to have three template (proteins, fats & veggies) meals - the first within an hour of wakening, the second 4-5hrs later, and the third 4-5hrs after that.

Obviously you are working out in the morning and your preWO is fine, but you'd need to get meal one in after training & before 'lunch' - on day one you certainly have a big enough window, and on day two you could have at least had a mini template meal. Your lunch on day one looks okay, although you probably could have done without the nuts as you had fat from the eggs & in the guacamole. Your meal three although compliant is poorly composed. You are missing protein, you've let fruit push the veggies off your plate and your choice of fat probably wasn't the best choice for late at night as nuts can be hard to digest.

Day two again preWO is fine. Your meal one looks okay on protein (I'm a 5'2" female & when I have chicken thighs I eat three as they're not exactly huge) as you've had a combo of chicken & eggs, your fat is also good, although again the nuts were unnecessary, but you're very light on veggies - think how much lettuce, or any leafy veg reduces when chewed down - you need a TONNE of salad to be getting enough... Your meal two again was compliant but poorly composed - try adding olives, homemade mayo/sauces or compliant bacon as your fat, roast some veg in ghee or coconut oil...

You really need to take a look at your schedule and see how you can fit in three template meals. If you can't fit in three full meals then you need to get a mini template meal in there somewhere. Do you not get a break at work? Play around with pre & post WO meals to try & get more food on board with those - tinned fish is handy for after training as you can throw it in your gym back & eat it before showering.

Everyone finds they need to make some tweaks at the start.



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Actually I don't think you're eating enough.




If you are hungry on the whole30 you are doing it wrong. Eat. Especially eat a meal #1 sometime soon after your workout. I find if I start the day with too little it takes quite a lot of food/time to get back on track. Stay on track instead.


Also, note that the template represents a minimum amount of food. I ate three chicken thighs with my lunch stir-fry the other day and survived (and I've lost more weight with this way of eating--and kept it off--than any other approach I've tried in the past). Eat.

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You're basically eating one meal a day plus a bunch of snacks because you are absolutely starving hungry. I get that you're stuffing yourself at lunch - because it's the only meal you're getting!!! So you're a long way from overeating. It's sounds like your schedule will take some thinking about but three full template meals plus pre and post WO will feel much better.

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Good suggestions and advice.


If I go too long between meals and let myself get hungry, there is no amount of food that "satisfies" my hunger. That's when I revert to old habits, but with compliant food--which is no better (for me) than if I were binging on junk.

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Is there a reason that you can't have a full meal right before work? That way you're fed for your shift and not ready to chew your arm off by the time you go home.


More so than meal time and food choices, I'm worried about the way you're talking about your food choices. "I know I should have only had one." "I know it's a lot." "Ate like a big" "Need self-control." You said that you used to only have a slice of bread and lots of excuses as to why you can't eat at certain times or why you can't eat more during a certain window. I certainly understand being busy at work and I also understand that certain foods just don't stay in your stomach for a workout--believe me, I get it. But I'm worried about whether or not you have a history with disordered eating and/or some lingering unhealthy relationships. Are you afraid to eat?


Do some thinking about why you chose to take on a Whole 30. What are your goals? What are you hoping to achieve? Take the time to give some honest reflection and some thinking about how to problem solve. Yes, your schedule may be a little weird and may not make for perfect Whole30 meal timing. So how do you get as close as possible? If you have time at work to chug down some water, what's stopping you from a few forkfuls of food that you've brought from home?

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Sigh I know I ate like a pig and seriously need some self control.


I just want to do my best to lose weight fast.

Okay.... first of all, you need to stop being so hard on yourself.  You barely ate anything, let alone 'eating like a pig'.  You don't need self control if you're hungry. That's not self control, that's restriction.


Second, Whole30 isn't designed to 'lose weight fast'. It's designed to create a healthy relationship with food, eating and yourself. Weight loss is a secondary bonus.

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Thank you everyone for replying! I wish I saw these responses before I had lunch. I actually woke up at 12pm today because I was really sleepy and tired last night (is this normal on whole30? I have like no energy while I was at work last night and I just wanted to go home and sleep)


12pm: one boiled egg before workout

2pm: scramble eggs (3) made with chopped red and green peppers (1/4 cup of each), a cup of chopped white potato, and 1/2 cups of mushroom. I also had a salad, (romaine lettuce, chopped) with tessame's lemon garlic dressing and about 5 tablespoons of guac from leftover. I am not full after this so I had a whole sweet potato and about a cup of grape. No nuts today because i left my pistachio in the car, I did it on purpose because I knew I would snack on it.


Now it's about 3pm here in California, and I have work at 4. I made some deviled eggs (I mixed the york with guac) and a sweet potato to plan to eat it when I get off around 10:30. Is this okay? How's my 2 and 1/2 days so far sound? Do I need to start over?


And to answer some of your questions:

-I dont have a full meal before I go to work because I am still full from my BIG lunch meal 


Munkers, before whole30 I only had a piece of bread before I workout because I just wanted something in my stomach. I wasn't trying to be full or close to full. One time I had a turkey sandwich and im too full to run on treadmill. Anything more than that piece of bread or a boiled egg now I wouldn't be able to run. (I usually run for about 15-20 mins then do 10-15 minutes weights) Some people workout on an empty stomach but I have no energy to workout on that. I am not afraid to eat nor have eating disorder lol I wish I did. I love food and I eat a lot as you can see what I listed up there for my lunch. I SNACK a lot and have no self control :(  I finished the box of cashews in 2 days lol (I think the whole box is about 3 cups?  :o ) I chose whole30 because I want to lose weight, I've tried many diet and failed so I wanted to give this a try. My goal is to lose 10-15 pounds.

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You keep saying you eat a lot -- what everyone here is telling you is that while you eat ONE big meal, you don't really eat much the rest of the day, so you don't really eat enough. Your snacking and lack of self control is a clear sign that you are not eating enough throughout the day. If you eat three meals with protein, fat, and vegetables, it will be so much easier not to snack, and you will not feel out of control anymore.


Deviled eggs and a sweet potato are a good meal, assuming you have enough eggs, which is as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand -- probably 3-4. Is there any way to have them with you at work so you don't have to go 8 hours between meals? We really only expect you to go 4-5 hours between meals.


It's not unusual to be tired early in a Whole30, although undereating is going to add to that feeling.


I know you want to lose weight, but Whole30 is not a weight loss program. Sure, if you eat healthy foods, and you have weight you need to lose, you will more than likely lose weight -- but not necessarily on the timeline you want to lose it. It will happen on the timeline your body is comfortable with, you just have to trust it. What the W30 is about is giving your body all the healthy, nutrient dense foods it needs to function at its very best.

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How's my 2 and 1/2 days so far sound? 


From noon until after 10:30pm, probably close to 12 hours, (including a workout) you ate:

4 eggs

1 cup of potato

1 cup peppers/onions

5 tbsp guacamole 

some salad greens


That is one acceptable meal. One. Meal.  In 12 hours. Including a workout containing cardio and resistance training.  No wonder you're exhausted and with no energy, you aren't fuelling yourself!


I understand that you have come to Whole30 to lose weight and (hopefully although you haven't mentioned it) create change within your food-life.  But this? Is starvation and restriction at its max.  No bueno, buddy.


If you are truly serious about doing a Whole30 with the spirit of the program at the helm then you need to create three template meals every day and eat them 4-5 hours apart.  


1-2 palms of protein (that is your palm, length, width and thickness)

1-3 cups veggies (way more if it's salad greens)

1-2 thumbs fat (or half to whole avocado or handfuls olives)


It is possible, if you are normally this restrictive with your food, that you will go through a period of gaining while your metabolism and hormones sort themselves out.  I encourage you to consider your health, the health of your body's internal systems, your blood sugar and your hormones and keep eating. Really.  Food.  Now.

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Also, if you're working out every day (and you're on your feet all night), you might need an extra meal beyond the 3. Not eating enough will have the opposite affect you're seeking, and your body might start holding onto body fat thinking it's entering starvation mode.

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So, do you work front of the house or back of the house? You should at least get a shift meal, or time to eat it with the 6 hours you are working, and you should get at least a 15 minute break. I would prep something from home or ask a cook to cook you some chicken on the grill, grab some salad greens or a couple sides of the veg of the day. I have been a line cook, and I know how hard it is to grab that meal, but if you get 2 15 minute breaks or a shift meal, you should be able to eat it then. If you have 2 15 minute breaks, you can eat half of your meal at your first break and finish at the second. I worked at a VERY busy brew pub and we all got time to at least grab a meal, even if we had to split it up and keep the unfinished part in the walk in in a to go box. 

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How were you feeding yourself prior to Whole30? It seems like you've been at this job for at least a little while so how did you cope with it before?


And saying "I wish I did" to eating disorders? No, honey. To be absolutely blunt, you have NO idea what you're talking about. Eating disorders are serious medical conditions. They ruin lives, relationships, and can lead to death. Don't romanticize them.


The way you're managing your food now is not going to help you with weight loss. It's going to continue to wreak your hormones and that leads to systemic stress and inflammation which will lead to weight gain before it leads to weight loss. If your goal is change your body compoisition, the only way you're going to accomplish this and maintain results is to get healthy and that means getting your hormones in check with adequate rest, properly composed meals, and regular meal timing.

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