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Feeling sad


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Day 17 and I am feeling sad

May partly be due to the horrible windy cold weather or the fact that it is the end of the weekend

We are planning a holiday soon and i really want to stick with this way of eating because I feel so healthy,thinner and well,no more indigestion and bloating

But how can I go to Paris and Italy and not eat pasta and bread and gorgeous muffins in London and porridge

It's not that I am craving these foods but it's almost as though i am sad to say goodbye to old friends

So much of our lives centers around eating these foods

Does anyone else no what i am trying to say?

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I took a cooking class where I learned to make pasta by hand after I had been eating this way for more than a year. I was pretty good at making ravioli. I've not eaten pasta since that class, but if I travel to Italy, I might eat another serving or two.

You can eat anything you want in Paris and Italy and London. Enjoy it. Seriously! Enjoy it. After a Whole30 you know what the consequences are, but sometimes they are worth it. You can visit old friends, just don't try to live with them.

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Hi Sarah, I know exactly what you mean about so much of life centring around food. Maybe it has always been a bit like this but 20-30 years ago the food was probably better quality and not so much junk and processed carb around (not sure about this last one). I agree with the others though, enjoy the food in Paris is is part of the adventure and experience. Paris is also a fantastic place to walk around so if you can do that you will help with maintaining that feeling of being 'healthy'.

Have fun, Paris is amazing. When do you go?

I'm off to Cambodia and VIetnam at the end of the year. I've already decided that I'll just go with the flow while I'm there and eat whatever's available . I'll also still take some vegemite along as I usually get cravings for it after a while of travelling


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Mich ,I was thinking about you wrote about food a generation ago and you are so right.

People then ate three meals a day,mostly meat and veggies with home baked cake as an occasional treat

Now we are overwhelmed with junk food and people expect to eat it all the time not as the occasional treat it is suppose to be

So if we learn one thing from this 30 day it's that : eat healthy food that is good for your body and every now and again have something special

I am feeling so much better after all this support

Ps did eat too many nuts again today

No nuts at all tomorrow

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I am glad that I don't face your dilemma, because one thing I value about the Whole30 is the way it takes indecision out of the picture. I don't have to fight with myself over having "a little bit": I just don't eat it, and to a significant extent don't fret about it.

That said, I think it might help you to set some parameters in advance. For example: croissants, yes, but not pain au chocolat (too much sugar). Croissants, yes, but not with jam. Baguette with pate or cheese, yes, but not with jam. Ditto crumpets with clotted cream (yes), but with jam, no. Ditto porridge, but not with syrup/honey/brown sugar, whatever on top. These are the choices I would make if it were me going to Paris & London. Your choices might well differ. (This line of thinking comes from something I read at Mark Sisson's Daily Apple site: credit where it's due.)

And then walk, walk, walk, walk! But of course I mean walk with a spirit of exploring, fun, adventure, and not with a sense of obligation to "walk off calories."

But whatever you do: have fun! Enjoy yourself!

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Thanks Kew

I think what I might do is pick one treat a day or every few days

I am actually i pretty restrained eater most of the time.I never eat cream,croissants or even pancakes

But I do love bread and muffins

For me the perfect day would be a muffin for breakfast,a grain bread sandwich for lunch and lentils and rice for dinner

That is how I used to eat before the whole3o and I fear a relapse if I even have one muffin

but i suppose one of the reasons I am doing this is to learn control

And if all goes wrong on holiday i will just do another whole 30 when i get home

I still have a few weeks before I go so i hope by then I will be stronger

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