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Almost at my goal :) With Photos


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Hi...I'm hoping to keep this short and sweet.  We'll see how that goes...


I started my first whole30 January 2nd 2015.  I am 29 years old, 5'5 and weighed in at 176 lbs.  The heaviest I've been in my whole life.  It was uncomfortable.  


The first round went by quickly after the first 10 days.  To tell you the truth I barely remember it now.  I did it with my boyfriend...who was really only in it halfheartedly and had many cheat days.  He was still supportive though!  I do recommend receiving the emails from the whole30 website.  Not only do that have a lot of good information, but I found they held me accountable.  I never wanted to click the link that said I made bad choices...So I kept on strong!  I have always had digestive issues...they actually seemed to get worse on the whole30 for the first 3 weeks.  I'm sure it was just my body getting used to this new way of eating.  I went gluten free over 2 years ago and since then my diet consisted of mainly rice and corn products...yuck...  I would have to say the hardest part of the first round was no snacking.  I really took that rule seriously since it was one of my worst habits.  I would snack alllll the time.  I did not have a single morsel outside of my meals for the full 30 days!


So low and behold...day 30 comes and goes...and I LOST 15 LBS!!!!! I knew I had lost weight..my face looked soooo different..and my clothes felt like they fit so much better.  I was so surprised by the 15 lbs though.  I decided to keep it going for another 2 weeks until my birthday weekend.  


After my birthday I did another full 30 days which resulted in a 10 lb weight loss.  I wasn't as strict this time and did allow for some snacking and more fruit than the previous round.  I was estatic...In a little less than 3 months I had lost 25 lbs.  


Since then I have kept up with the rules I'd say about 75%.  I try to completely follow it during the week and allow myself to drink during the weekends.  I also allow myself to really cheat once and a while if I feel like it.  I always make sure it's something that I've preplanned and not just giving into a craving...  For example 2 weeks ago on Monday I decided that on Friday night I was going to have Chinese food.  I had all week to think about it(and look forward to it).  It was amazing and I didn't feel guilty.  I did however feel grooooosss the next morning!


I have lost another 4 lbs without really trying and with my cheats since my last round.  I am going away for memorial day weekend and plan to let loose and really enjoy myself....mainly with delicious drinks on the beach...  Afterwards I think I will do a strict 15 day round of whole30 to get back on track.


I am so thankful for whole30.  It has really changed my attitude about food, my self confidence, and has helped me realize how strong I can be.


Okay...almost done...one more tip that really worked for me is taking progress pictures.  I did not weigh myself at all during the 30 days (which was actually really nice)...but I did take progress pictures every 10 days.  There were remarkable difference every 10 days.  


I don't know if it will work for everyone...but it's worth a try...I followed the plan to a tee and have lost 29 lbs to date.  I have 7 more to loose to be at my ultimate goal weight...I'm pretty impressed :)post-57496-0-44125100-1432135641_thumb.jpost-57496-0-77034900-1432135671_thumb.jpost-57496-0-85375900-1432135704_thumb.jpost-57496-0-54715000-1432135729_thumb.jpost-57496-0-97718400-1432135764_thumb.jpost-57496-0-53580100-1432135787_thumb.j

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WOW and YAY!!! Absolutely phenomenal job!! I'm finishing my Day 30 today and excited to see my results tomorrow. I also plan on keeping it up another 2 weeks just to extend my energy levels and results. But it seems that has been easy for you to sustain because you took with you all the great habits you built with Whole30. You look amazing, but I'm sure the way you feel is even that much more exciting. I have noticed that the way I internalize things and my moods have improved drastically, and in turn I feel much stronger and confident, no matter what the scale says tomorrow or at the end of my extended Whole45. Great job and thank you for sharing!!  :D

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So awesome! I hope to follow similarly in your footsteps! I hope to never go back (I am only on Day 3 so far....) to my junky ways. I think treats when truly desired are good but I hope to fall back in line when I need a re-boot as needed (say after the holidays, if I feel I have lost my way, etc..). 

CONGRATS to you!

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