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So I completed my first whole30 on March 17th.  Since then I did all of my reintros and figured out I really don't have any direct food sensitivities health wise BUT I have definite triggers that send me spiraling.  I initially went full off the wagon as I went on a vacation to Iceland and then another trip right after and it was miserable.  I felt fine physically but emotionally I was feeling horribly guilty and bad about what I was eating.  I couldn't stop it either!  That fueled my guilt.


Luckily, I dedicated just a 5 day reset and it worked wonders!  I am figuring out my balance still and weekends get hard as I just want things to be easy and relaxing which I associate with wine and not great foods.  That being said, I am now being very careful on when I allow wine or any alcohol and all grain products as well as yogurt as I will eat it with granola and that will kill my whole day lol.


I think it's so weird that if I allow any of these "vices" into my system, it's like a complete domino affect!  I wonder if this will ever go away or I'm just always going to need to be hyper aware.  I suspect it'll be the latter as that's how these foods are designed.


I seriously thought I ate pretty healthy before this and realize this is what healthy eating is :) I have no desire to go back to my old ways on any level.  It's a complete addiction to foods I don't want.


Such a great realization :)



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You are correct.  You may or may not have those food triggers for the rest of your life.  If you know a reformed smoker, drinker or anyone with a food addiction - there's a tendency to restart smoking after something good or bad happens in their life.  It may take them a long time to realize that life is full of things that go good or bad.....but if you have successfully identified your triggers - you can WIN against them by being on guard at all times in the beginning.  Triggers can diminish or disappear over months or years.


As time goes by, you can beat them with redirects, exercise and especially by learning to enjoy healthy foods. For many individuals who have a food addiction or simply fight food triggers - it's not any particular food that they want.   They want the feeling of being full - even to the point of being over-stuffed.  They want that full to the brim feeling more than quality of food.


When we trade up for quality of food, the hunger signals for triggers grow fainter with each passing day.  You'll have to adapt and fine tune it as you get further away from the old habits of caving into triggers but the best way is to eat healthy foods that fill you up without harm.  If it's that full feeling you like, there are many foods that you can eat without any harm....whatsoever.


If we continue to feed our body what it needs,  the temporary setback from falling for an old trigger becomes a splash in the pan or a drop in the bucket.    Planned "cheat days" are the road to ruin.  It's that kind of stinkin' thinkin'....bad girl, naughty girl,  "cheat days",  illegal foods that continue to make trigger foods so enticing.   As Melissa says, we shouldn't talk about our relationship with food in those childish terms.  We're adults now.


Ditch that thinking for good.   Customized eating is best.  Not this branded stuff that comes along with clubs, ordering cardboard meals through the mail,  drinking not-so-ideal protein supplement powder drinks,  meal replacement bars and all of the rest of it.  


Nice job identifying your triggers,  now you can be on guard, continue eating healthy whole foods and customize a plan that works for you.    Don't sweat it.   Get 9 days out of 10 right and you'll be alright..or whatever plan of averages works for you.    It's the rachet effect to healthy living for the rest of your life. 

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Sgrohne- I am on day 14 and looking toward the end already. Knowing my emotional eating history, I'm very afraid I will go through the same situation you have described. I'm glad to hear you say a small reset got you back on track after a small slip! It's helpful to know that I can just return to my whole30 ways if I feel like I'm getting out of control.

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