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First reintroduction and feeling bad


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I had no idea that dairy would affect me so much. I used to eat it alot,and never felt all that sick.But I wasn't feeling fabulous, hence I decided to do the whole 30.

Anyway, I cooked my mushrooms in butter for breakfast (and boy, did that taste yummy!) and then had a bowl of beautiful local full fat yoghurt (this stuff had a layer of cream on top!) with some nut granola I had made. It was delicious. I had that after a lunch of roast root vegies and pork.

A few hours later I felt really tired, then I had stomach cramps and diarreah. I couldn't believe it! Could that have happened so quickly from eating dairy? Has anyone else experienced that?

I do wonder if I have fructose malabsorbtion, because I still had some gut symptoms while doing the whole 30, and I've learnt that sweet potato can be problematic and I've eaten quite a lot of it ( and had it for lunch).And the nut granola also had loads of coconut and was coated in coconut oil (also a problem with fructose malabsorbtion).

So today (day 2 post whole 30) I have spent the day feeling very tired and now I have a skin breakout. Is this really the result of that small amount of dairy I ate?

I think I will try dairy again in about a weeks time to see if it has the same affect,and will try it when I've not had a lot of fructose.

Would love to hear others experiences, so I will have a look over the forum.

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I reintroduced Dairy on the 31st after completing my Whole30. Just a dash a little milk in my tea in the morning and some brie cheese with my lunch.

I wouldn't say I reacted severely to it, but almost immediately I felt an uneasiness in my stomach and my skin became noticeably oilier that day. A very problematic zit that had almost healed also became inflamed and a few days later, two bigger pimples surfaced.

I also became highly emotional that evening. Not sure if it was the dairy (could've been a combo of that, hormones and just stress/relief over completion of my Whole30). But I've been waking up feeling groggier and a little congested as well.

I think that's a good idea to try again in a week without the fruit! :)

On another note, I skipped the Gluten Grains, but had my Non-Gluten Grain Reintroduction yesterday. Had my first bowl of white rice in something like 40 days. Man it tasted good! I know now that grains in general are not great for us, and I do see the massive benefits of eating the Paleo way, but is a bowl of rice every now and again so terrible? :ph34r:

It's a highly emotional food for me (I'm from a part-Japanese background), I'm aware of that, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to give that up 100%...

Another thing I've missed quite a bit is soy sauce. I'm in Brazil and haven't been able to find coconut aminos as a substitute, unfortunately. Would it be right to have some on my Legumes Reintroduction day?

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Sure, I would give it a try. Have you tried to buy coconut aminos online? I am in Australia and eventually found some to buy online.

I'm not sure about non-gluten grains. I will never eat gluten again, it also makes me feel awful,gives me the worst bloating,and I never want to go back to that, but I had forgotten about rice,and though I don't want to make it something to eat often, I will probably be in social situations where I might want to.So I guess I might try it in a couple of weeks,after trying the dairy again.

I still don't feel ready to reintroduce anything else,so since Sunday I have continued eating like I did during the whole 30. I still don't feel all that great,and am a bit surprised that the dairy may have caused it. I also had a bit of a skin breakout (which is also a hormonal thing), so I don't think I'm gonna be friends with dairy anymore :(

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After my first whole30 I had trouble with dairy; specifically cheese. Cream or milk in my coffee didn't bother me, but a tiny bit of cheese on a salad would leave me feeling queasy for the better part of a day. I did try some peppermint enzyme chewable things a friend used--basically natural Tums--and that helped...sometimes you really want dairy!

This time around, I've only introduced milk. Not sure when I'll give cheese a chance!

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This experience has certainly been interesting. I finished my Whole 30 yesterday, and reintroduced dairy today. The thought of my French Vanilla creamer for my coffee has kept me going the last couple of days!

This morning I tried regular creamer, and it tasted like crap. Then I tried the French Vanilla. I couldn't believe it didn't taste good either. I took several sips, waiting for that "ahhhh, yummy deliciousness" to kick in. It didn't.

This afternoon I had a serving of Greek yogurt with strawberries and a little vanilla extract-one of my favorite Paleo treats! I ate it, although it was not as good as I remembered. The aftertaste was awful-similar to how a barn smells. Within minutes, my throat closed up and felt a little sore, and my tummy reacted a little.

I was shocked. I have never had allergies, nor have I had food sensitivities, unless I just eat plain too much. :-)

A most enlightening experience, I must say. As Angifi said, I don't think I'm going to be very good friends with dairy anymore, either.

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