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The Whole15 Starts Now!


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Over the last year I have done a Whole30 and a Whole45. Both were spectacular! 


But these last two months I have gotten back into some bad habits. A lot of friends have been visiting so I've been drinking more, eating out more, and exercising less. It's definitely starting to wear me out! 


So, starting today, I've decided to snap myself back on track with a quick Whole15! 


It's much shorter than before, but I think it will be just as hard in some ways. That sugar dragon has definitely wormed its way back into my head so I'm betting I'll struggle at times to control my sweet tooth. But, I am doing this to remember how great it is to feel rested, strong, and energetic! If I remind myself of that, I know I can knock out 15 days of exemplary eating! :)


I would really appreciate any support I can get along the way!!




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