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Loss of Appetite for 3 days, is this normal?


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Started the Whole30 on Monday 18th, and it is my first time doing the plan. Since day 3, I have had the worst headache and have lost my appetite? I have read through everyone's post and notice everyone is having the "hangover" but no one has lost their appetite?

On day 3 all I could manage was a banana and an orange. Day 4, I had banana, orange, grapes and raspberries. And today I'm still not feeling that great, and had fruit again?


My biggest concern is that I can only manage to eat fruit right now, and I don't know how this all fits in with the whole 30 program? Does anyone have any advice? 

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Having a headache and a continuing loss of appetite can be symptoms of extreme hunger. It's time to eat. Here's what you do:


1. Go make yourself a template meal of food.

2. Eat a few bites of each part of the template, as many as you can make yourself eat right now.

3. Wrap up the plate, and put it away. Take it out in an hour and eat a few more bites.

4. Do that until you've eaten that plate.

5. Lather, rinse, repeat.


The more you eat, the more you'll be aware of your hunger cues, and the more you'll realize that your headache is because you are not feeding yourself.


Here's a template meal:

1. 1-2 palm size portions of protein

2. 1-2 or more thumb-size portions of fat

3. 1-3 cups veggies


Choose mild foods for now, say, chicken and sweet potatoes with a drizzle of some olive oil. You can get fancy later. Right now (as in, RIGHT NOW) you just need to start eating. Eating will increase your appetite and decrease your headache.

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I would second what the other smart ladies said but I would also say that in your situation you should probably consider absolutely not eating fruit at this point.  Your body wants carbs and sugar and you aren't going to train it to want protein and fat by eating sugar.  Additionally, I suspect that your tastes at the moment are highly geared towards sweet and in order to really want to eat different food you have to allow your body to move away from the sweet flavours.


If you can eat fruit you can eat other foods. :) Press on!

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