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OMG - Coconut & Dishwashers! Beware!

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I didn't know where else to post this, but IT IS IMPORTANT!!!

I love coconut flakes and chips with fruit, on salad, in an entree, churned into coconut butter and the

Iike. Coconut is a superfood. BUT....

I spent 4 hours today fixing my effing dishwasher - let me tell you that NOTHING will muck up, clog, detroy, and render your dishwasher inoperable like dried coconut. Seriously. I had to disassemble EVERYTHING down to and including the food chopper blade assembly - which was completely munged up with nothing other than dried coconut. Seriously. Coconut bits invaded every nook and cranny of the dishwasher - everywhere water flowed, coconut shards clogged - hence the 4 hours to disassemble, clean, partial run, reassemble, and rerun with vinegar. The moral of the story - if you use coconut (other than milk - duh) rinse the plate/bowl/pan COMPLETELY before loading the dishwasher. BTW my husband was useless. Moms rule.

If I help ONE person avoid my calamity, I am complete ;-)

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