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TripleM's first Whole30!


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My husband and I started our first W30 on Saturday! We are excited and learning more everyday! I'm a few days late posting our log so I'm going to post Days 1 and 2 together so I can remember what we ate and how we felt :)

Day 1 - Saturday

This was a rough day for both of us! Our 12 month old has been sick, so we have had days of just a few hours of sleep for all three of us. Friday night was no exception, so when we started the day Saturday we both had headaches and felt foggy already! We also needed to do our food shopping Saturday, since we spent most of Friday at Urgent Care. It rained all day Saturday, and then we finished off our grocery trip with our daughter getting sick all over my husband, twice. WOW. I must say I was proud of us for sticking with it, because grabbing a burger would have been so much easier!

Breakfast: egg scramble with spinach, tomato and onion (coffee with coconut milk for me)

Lunch: Aidell's chicken apple sausage on top of spinach with organic balsamic and olive oil

Supper: strip steak (grassfed) cooked in ghee, roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus

Day 2 - Sunday

I woke up with a headache, probably a combination of lack of sleep plus lack of sugar. I needed food quickly so I could take some meds (I get frequent migraines and wanted to make sure it didn't progress to that!) so I had a Larabar, then breakfast a couple hours later.

Breakfast: Egg frittata with green peppers, onion and aidell chicken apple sausage - topped mine with a few slices avocado

Lunch: chicken deglazed with balsamic, roasted carrots and broccoli

Snack for me: another Larabar (I know I shouldn't have 2 in one day - I didn't resist hard enough!! At least it was W30 approved though?) and blueberries

Supper: Thai Beef with Basil (recipe from ISWF) - ground beef (grassfed) with onion, green and red pepper and green beans

Both of us were super hungry on Sunday. I think we need to increase our portions a bit, so we are going to work on that. Plus I guess are bodies are getting used to so much good, real food!

2 days down!!! :)

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Thanks all!

Day 3 was a good day! Baby is better and the entire house got a full night of sleep. That alone makes a world of difference!!

Breakfast: leftover frittata with a few avocado slices; blueberries on the side

Lunch: leftover balsamic chicken with roasted carrots and broccoli - on a bed of spinach

Snack: a few pepper strips with homemade guacamole and some cherries

Supper: baked mustard lime chicken thighs (AMAZING!); roasted asparagus; steamed broccoli

I was definitely craving something sweet after supper. Instead I drank a glass of water, helped my husband pack up lunch and snacks for today since he's back to work and we got in bed early! I didn't want to give in to my sugar cravings!! We both noticed being tired yesterday, and a little cranky off and on. Took the dogs and baby on a long walk which was nice, even though hot and humid!

One thing I have noticed which I guess is normal (?) is feeling like all I think about is food. I think part of it is my Type A personality and the planning that is required. I'm nervous that if I don't know what we are going to eat the rest of the day we will veer off course. My husband has said he's the same way. I'm hoping as we get more comfortable with our eats this will fade away.

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Day 4 was much tougher for me than Day 3! Craving sugar in a major way, and then I was just incredibly cranky by the end of the day. I hope it's just my body getting adjusted...

Breakfast: fritatta with avocado - thankfully that's gone because I was tired of it!! also blueberries

Lunch: Leftover baked mustard lime chicken, sauteed spinach and roasted asparagus

Snack: Cherry pie larabar - I gave in and was so mad at myself after I ate it. It wasn't what I was wanting, so it didn't even taste all that great. I wanted sugar so I was disappointed I gave in and had something sweet.

Supper: Aidells sausage, scrambled eggs, sweet potato hashbrowns, green beans and cherries

Neither one of us felt like cooking tonight, and sausage and eggs felt like comfort food which was nice.

I had quite a few moments today when I just didn't want to do this anymore. I am sure that's normal, but I'm ready for that to pass. Thankfully there are very few non-compliant foods in our house now, so even if I want to give up, there's not much around!! We were glad to be able to click the "I Did It!" button on the W30 Daily email! Another day down...

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Haven't logged for a few days...the past few days have been very introspective for me. Lots of trying to really listen to what my body is telling me, questioning if this is a lifestyle change I can actually LIVE with, wondering if I'm eating the right things, etc etc etc. I really need to get back to journaling, because I think that will help get some of these thoughts straightened out if I get them out of my head!

Here are some eats the past couple days:

Day 5:

This was a hard day for me. I stayed compliant, but didn't feel good about it. I felt like I've hit a wall and have lost my motivation. I think the first few days I was so pumped and wasn't feeling very bad, so it was easy to stay motivated. Day 5 I woke up and my headache was the worst it's been. I didn't really have any appetite, especially for what we had in the house (which is plenty of good stuff!) and was just cranky that I *had* to eat healthy food. Sounds silly but I kind of threw a food tantrum.

Here's what I ended up eating:

2 eggs scrambled with spinach and tomato with a few green beans on the side. I ate the eggs but could not choke down the green beans. When lunchtime came around I didn't want to eat much, and I didn't want anything we had so I had a larabar just so I wouldn't be ravenous later. A few hours later I had some time to saute some chicken so I had some of that with an apple and almond butter. Once I finally got our little girl in bed I had some more chicken with roasted asparagus and some steamed broccoli.

Day 6

This was a much better day than day 5. Headache was gone and I didn't feel as "deprived".

Breakfast: leftover balsamic chicken with steamed broccoli (olive oil drizzle on top) - first time I've ever eaten "non-breakfast" food for breakfast! I never thought I'd be able to do it but I enjoyed what I ate.

Lunch: 2 eggs, roasted squash and zucchini, small granny smith apple with almond butter

Snack: handful of roasted cashews (didn't really NEED to eat them, but kind of just ate them because I had them, which is exactly why I resisted buying them at first! Now that I had them though, I feel like I don't NEED to eat them constantly. Kind of like the craving was settled)

Supper: chicken deglazed with coconut aminos, lemon/olive oil roasted cabbage

All in all a good day - I tried to listen to when I was hungry, and really pay attention to what I was eating when I was eating it. Can't believe we are closing in on one week!

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well, life got the best of me and I haven't posted in ages! I said yesterday that I wish I had been logging more of what we ate. I want to be able to remember what the good meals were, and have a place to keep the links to the great recipes, so here I am!

Day 23 - whoop whoop!! So excited to have made it this far!! Overall I'm feeling great. This past week has been rough, our 1 year old has been sick and so no one in the house has gotten a full night of sleep in over a week. I was hoping to fight it off but ended up getting her cold. It's going away quicker than I expected, I am sure it's because of all the good food we've been eating.

Today I was starving all day...feed a cold, starve a fever? Not sure but I was starving today and yesterday! I stayed compliant technically, but ate a few more cashews and fruit than I would like to normally.

Breakfast: eggs with spinach scrambled in coconut oil

Lunch: leftover chicken soup and apple with almond butter (http://whole9life.co...tm-feed-a-cold/)

Dinner: beef fajitas with onions and peppers, guac and salsa on top. These were SO good and really hit the spot tonight. (http://www.food.com/...n-fajitas-63786)

Various snacks: cashews, part of a Larabar (split with husband), part of a plum (wasn't very good), half a banana

Tomorrow I am going to focus on not snacking and staying away from nuts. I've got some good food in the fridge already, and some ideas for meals this week so that should help. My husband is gone for 3 days this week, so it might be more of a challenge to get all my cooking done with the little one all over the place. It will be a good test run since a couple days after he gets home he leaves for 6 weeks. Right now I'm planning on turning this into a W40, but I'm trying to think through my reintroduction plan so that may change a bit.

I'm going to try my hardest to log these last few days!

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Day 24 down! YAHOO!

So thankful that baby girl slept until almost 7am today!! Man what a difference a full night of sleep makes - for both of us! We had a good day playing, napping and even managed to get a stroll in.

Breakfast: fritatta with spinach and ground beef - topped with hot sauce and a few slices avocado; coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: leftover chicken soup and apple with almond butter - again, so good but I knew there wasn't enough protein in it and I meant to add a chicken/apple sausage on the side but just got sidetracked getting baby girl fed and both of us down for a nap :)

When we woke up from our nap I was starving! Not surprised though, as my lunch was yummy but lacking protein! I heated up a chicken/apple sausage and had it with some baby carrots and a few avocado slices. Felt so much better after that mini-meal!

Supper: leftover steak fajitas topped with guacamole - YUM

post-supper: a spoonful of almond butter. I should have just kept walking past the fridge but it called my name! I think when this jar is gone I won't open a new one for a while.

Tomorrow I plan on cooking up a big batch of chicken to eat the next few days. I also have some cabbage I need to either roast or boil, and some asparagus to roast. I absolutely LOVE that now I have so many options in my fridge, and I am starting to think outside the box with how I cook them and how I incorporate them into meals. It sounds strange but it kind of feels like a new found freedom!

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Day 25!

Not as much sleep last night, up from 1:30-2:30 am then back to sleep until about 6:30. I can't complain though, that's better than it's been the past week and a half! Plus my baby is waking up happy, which always makes it easier to wake up:)

Breakfast: egg fritatta with ground beef and spinach topped with avocado and hot sauce, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: big salad with mixed greens, baby spinach, carrots, celery, 2 chicken/apple sausage links and olive oil and balsamic. Not the most exciting or inventive lunch but it was filling!

I'm not calling it a snack but I did have a spoonful of almond butter and a handful of cashews between lunch and supper.

Supper: balsamic chicken, steamed broccoli with olive oil drizzle, roasted asparagus

We got another stroll in today which was nice. I had some sugar cravings today that seemed so random to me. Maybe I've been reading/thinking too much about life after W30 that I've gotten a bit lax. I'm going to refocus on the next few days and keep my snacks and nut butter in check!

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Never got to post yesterday but am doing it now:)

Breakfast: same quiche leftover with hot sauce and avocado

Lunch: leftover ground beef heated with homemade taco seasoning, on a bed of baby greens with salsa and guacamole

Snack: cashews; plum

Dinner: 3 fried eggs and sweet potato hash browns

I didn't feel good at all yesterday. I was cranky and craving carbs and sugar and anything that wasn't on plan. Realized its probably pms so I read a bunch on the ladies only board about needing to increase carbs sometimes during This time. Hence the hash browns. They were fantastic and very satisfying. so glad I read those other threads because I was starting to get pretty down...was so tired, cranky, antsy and just yucky. Wanted to land face first in a bag of Halloween candy! I didn't though:)

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Day 27...still cranky! What on earth? I am blaming PMS because I'm still eating good and I've been walking several miles almost every day. I think I'm also cranky because my husband is getting ready to leave for 6 weeks and I always get cranky right before he leaves...terrible defense mechanism. Yesterday's eats:

Breakfast: leftover fritatta with hot sauce and avocado, coffee with coconut milk

Snack before mid day massage: apple with almond butter

Lunch: taco chicken salad on baby greens with salsa and guacamole

Various snacks: plum, cashews, larabar

dinner: chicken soup (with compliant broth this time!!)

I snacked WAY too much yesterday. I just could not get the need to snack out of my body!! I think I honestly felt hungry. But I know part of it was my crankyness and I definitely gave in to "feeding" that. I am determined to do better today.

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