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Day6 of my first whole30


I still woke up with a bit of a headache and I am on day6!!! I have been off dairy for the last 8 months since my 10 months old was diagnosed with dairy intolerance (I am still breastfeeding) so I thought I wouldn't have so much withdrawal symptoms!!!

Anyway so far so good well as good as it can be. Day1 and 2 were pretty tough as I did not eat enough and did not snack which is not the best idea when you are feeding a 24 pounds baby boy, 3 to 4 times a day. On day 3 I increased my meal portions and it seemed to have done the trick. I also have an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner and it will usually consist of either nuts or avocado slices or leftover meat and raw cauliflower.


One good thing about the whole30 is that it gives you the tools to become adventurous with your food and come up with new recipes. Since day 1 I had some awesome meals and some not so great (I made some turkey and coconut meatballs which were tasty but pretty dry!!) 


Here is my first log starting on day 6


Meal 1: 2 eggs omelet (cooked in coconut oil) with leftover spaghetti squash in tomato sauce, three avocado slices and a big slice of watermelon. It was delicious, the spaghetti squash was such a good find, I never cooked it before!! My son and daughter loved it too!!! 

Meal 2: Roast chicken, homemade guacamole and a big salad with lots of greens, tomatoes, some pumpkin seeds and sliced apples. Seaweed and mint green tea. 

Meal 3: We are having sweet potatoes harsh brown in coconut oil, with homemade guacamole, prawns, mango and salad 

I haven't had a snack yet as I am still full from lunch...tbc...I have some leftover roast chicken...


Looking at my menu there is a lot of avocado in it!!! I am doing it on my own but my kids and husband eat whatever I am making when we are together so it makes it easier for me to stick to compliant food :-) 




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Lots of fat is good, especially for nursing mamas. You may also want to add a full fourth meal or a mini meal if the three meals a day doesn't hold you. Nursing mamas eat lots!


ETA: Also, a serving of eggs is how many you can hold in your hand. For most women that's 3-4. 2 isn't enough. Especially for you.

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Thank you for the advice Amy. I have added a mini meal this afternoon as you suggested and it is the way forward for me. It kept me going all day without being hungry or light headed. 


Ok so today was pretty interesting. My husband decided to surprise me for my birthday and took me out for dinner!! I really freaked out at first thinking how I am going to eat compliant food in a restaurant especially on day 7!! Luckily he chose a great restaurant. I had a look at the menu before hand an quickly found few options for me to have. When the waitress got to our table I just said, I am on the whole30 I told her what I could and couldn't have. She was so accommodating and immediately recommended me some appetisers and entrees. Bam! I had the prefect meal sorted out! Fresh seafood and zucchini spaghetti with fresh olives, tomatoes, artichokes and pine nuts!! Everything cooked in olive oil with a squeeze of lemon. That's was a real success and we had a great time. I even survived the basket of bread and the small glass of wine!!


Meal1: Spaghetti squash in tomato sauce with ground turkey, red pepper and courgette omelet and a small side of blueberries 

Meal2: It was a post workout meal as well. Boiled eggs, roast chicken, grated carrots, grated beets, cauliflower with a splash of olive oil and red wine vinegar. We also had some seasnacks (the kids went mad for it) 

Mini meal: smoked salmon, two slices of avocado, one handful of blueberries and half a thumb of almond butter. 

Meal3: Fresh seafood and zucchini spaghetti with fresh olives, tomatoes, artichokes and pine nuts



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Yesterday I had yet another challenge as we were invited to a barbecue. I decided to eat beforehand and I brought some celery, carrots and red pepper sticks with me along with some guacamole in case i needed to snack during the day. 


Meal1: Tomato, onions, spinach omelet with smoked salmon, lettuce and blueberries

We had a long bike ride with the kids and I forgot to bring a pw snack so I was starving and lightheaded by the time we got home for lunch

Meal2: Grated carrots, grated courgettes, onions cooked in coconut oil with chicken, coconut aminos, coriander, garlic and coconut milk  with boiled cauliflower!! It was delicious.  

Mini meal: carrot and celery sticks with a slice of watermelon.

I had a big handful of nuts (hazel and cashew) when I got home after the barbecue

Meal3: Oven roasted salmon, boiled carrots, green beens and baby potatoes with some olive oil mayo. Half an apple with half thumb of almond butter.

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Day 9 I have been thinking about dark chocolate all day!! 


Meal1: frittata with left over veg, spinach and strawberries and cherries 

Meal2: Leftover chicken curry with cauliflower, apple with a thumb of almond butter 

Snack: a small handful of nuts 

Meal3: courgettes spaghetti with veal and homemade tomato sauce and roasted aubergine. A slice of watermelon  


Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...

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I have been pretty busy lately so did not keep up with my daily log. 



Meal1: Smoked salmon, mango, kale, two fried eggs

Meal2: Chicken, 1 boiled egg, grated beets and carrots with lettuce, 1 banana and a bit of almond butter

I had no PW snack.

PM snack nuts, thin slices of chicken 

Meal3 Jerk chicken with roasted sweet patatoes and aubergine, lettuce with avocado, tomatoes and avocado with a lemon, red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing 



Meal1 I had leftover chicken, aubergine, tomato and slices avocado with spinach and mango. Half an apple and half thumb of almond butter 

I had no PW snack

Meal2 Smoked salmon, shrimps, mango, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber salad with olive oil and lemon dressing and a handful or pumpkins seeds. 

Mini meal: Big handful of olives with two thin slices of chicken

Meal3: Pesto (homemade no parmesan)  chicken, with boiled potatoes (3 or 4 small pots) with courgettes, peppers and onions cooked in tomato sauce (with a small teaspoon of 100%cocoa powder) 


I don't think i have been eating enough as I have felt really tired and light headed over the last few days.  I am working out a lot and I am still nursing. I just need to get organised and find the time to prepare compliant and easy snacks.!!! Not easy when you have two young kids. I did plan to eat some chicken drumsticks cooked in coconut oil with lots of paprika, cinnamon and garlic as a mini meal and keep some for my pw snack but my kids and their friends ate them all!!! At least it was a big success :-) 


Two things I have noticed. My milk supply is really good if not better as I seem to have more milk in the evening which i am really happy about. I am finally starting to sleep better, like a really deep sleep which hasn't happened to me in ages. (Day 7 to 10 were pretty tough I was tired but coud not fall asleep. I also kept waking up during the night) 

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Meal1: Frittata with leftover from meal3 day11, with strawberries

PW snack: One boiled egg, raw cauliflower

Meal2: Ground turkey cooked in tomato sauce with red pepper, onion and courgettes with a big salad and sliced apple

Mini meal: some slices of avocado with a little bit of canned salmon and olives. Fat, fat, fat....

Meal3: We had a bbq so Grilled chicken, with roasted sweet pots and a big salad, I also made a fruit salad with lots of berries and a big splash of orange blossom flower water. 

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Meal1: Two fried eggs, smoked salmon, sweet pots and salad

Meal2: Grilled pork chop, beetroot salad with sundried tomato dressing topped with dry roasted hazelnut, green salad. Fruits salad with strawberries, grapes, blueberries and orange blossom flower water. 

Mini meal: Cashews, olives

Meal3: Grilled jerk chicken, yam, green salad. Apple and a thumb of almond butter 

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Day14: I had a terrible terrible food day!!! I only had compliant food but I didn't have enough veg and i had too much fruits. We were invited for a bbq at lunch and dinner!!! 

Meal1: Fried eggs, smoked salmon, mango and salad. 

Meal2 + PW: leftover jerk chicken breast, one banana with almond butter. I was so hungry and needed something quick before getting to the bbq where I knew I couldn't eat anything.

Snack: watermelon, nuts

Meal3: tiny portion of raw carrot sticks and a few cherry tomatoes, grilled salmon, small portion of grilled chicken, big fruit salad with shredded coconut. 

I was still so hungry when I got home that I had a verbena tea with an apple and some almond butter. 


I used ghee with my fried eggs, my son reacted to it later during the day and he didn't even eat any it was through my breastmilk!! I won't use it again.  

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Day15: I am half way through!! I am really bored of eggs in the morning but it is just so easy and quick to do.


Meal1: Onion and tomato omelet with lettuce and strawberries.

Meal2 and PW: Cauliflower rice with grated cooked carrots with onion and garlic with a splash of coconut milk, half a can of wild salmon

Snack: watermelon and nuts

Meal3: Spaghetti squash with courgettes and bolognese (with veal), strawberries with coconut flakes and dry roasted hazelnut.

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Hi emidrex :) I am not sure if I will ever get bored of eggs but I just cook them different ways in the mornings, sometimes scrambled, sometimes fried, sometimes poached or even soft boiled :)


I noticed your not having a pre-workout snack and your not having much carbs in your post workout snack. I am still learning about this all as much as you but from the meal planning template I find I am supposed to have a pre workout meal of fats + protein, so I have a boiled egg, then after my workout I have some coooked chicken and some sweet potato before heading home to have breakfast.

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Thanks Swainy_26 I never manage to have a pre workout snack. I always end up rushing to drop my daughter to pre-school, get my son ready and just get to the class on time!!! I am also always full from my breakfast but you are right I should have one. My post work out is a small one because I usually end up having lunch shortly after. I am not very organised I have to say. I should prepare more proteins and carbs in advance so I can grab it and go!

I forgot about soft boiled eggs!! I love them so will have some tomorrow morning!


Will update day16 and 17 later today...

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I can't even remember what I had to eat two days ago!! I am sleeping really deeply at the moment but I am still pretty tired all the time except in the morning. I guess it is a mixture of the kids waking up really really early, my workouts, me not eating the right thing because I am too busy and life in general :-) 


So on day17: 

Meal1: Mushroom, onion omelet with spinach and strawberries 

Meal2: I had a huge salad with prawns, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet potatoes, mango and dry roasted hazelnuts with olive oil dressing, more strawberries as they are so good at the moment! I added coconut flakes. 

Snack: Nuts, chicken drumstick and few cubes of boiled sweet patatoes 

Meal3: Oven roasted salmon with homemade pesto, with boiled carrots and new potatoes, grilled courgettes with garlic and onions. Cherries. 



Meal1: Soft boiled eggs ;-) with carrots, lettuce and strawberries!

Meal2+ PW: Spicy chicken salad with apple, avocado, cherry tomatoes, sweet patatoes and cherries and and almond butter 

Snack: Olives, two thin slices of chicken from organic prairie, small handful of nuts 

Meal3: Paleo turkey tacos with lettuce leaves, guacamole and sweet pots

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Day 19-21: The weather has been so great lately that we had barbecue with grilled meat/fish and lots of different salads (carrots, beetroots...) and guacamole throughout the weekend . We also had a picnic by the lake where I brought a whole roast lemon chicken, veg sticks, guacamole, peaches and salad. 



Meal1: scrambled eggs with kale, tomatoes and strawberries

PW: Boiled egg

Meal2: beetroots, grilled thin slices of loin pork, celery sticks, salad and strawberries 

Meal3: chicken stir fry with riced cauliflower, carrots, courgettes, onions, coconut aminos, chillies, coriander, watermelon, apple with half a thumb of almond butter 



Meal1: Soft boiled eggs, beetroots, spinach and figue

Meal2 +PW: chicken stir fry with riced cauliflower, carrots, courgettes, onions, coconut aminos, chillies, coriander, peach and few cashew nuts

Mini meal: few slices of roast chicken from organic prairie, hazelnuts 

Meal3: Salmo salad, with green beans, mango, avocado, tomatoes and cucumber, strawberries and I finished my daughter's apple with a bit of almond butter


Feeling pretty good at the moment, sleeping well (even If I am woken up at the crack of dawn by my son) and not feeling as hungry as I was at the beginning. My milk supply is still great and my son is loving the food he is having. He just devoured the beetroots for breakfast and loved the stir fry. My kids are more or less eating the same thing as me but they still have corn, rice, peas and sometimes oatmeal for meal1

I can't believe I only have one more week to go, time flies when you are having fun :-) 

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Meal1: Tomato and onion omelet with half a banana and a bit of almond butter (my daughter ate the other half) 

Meal2 +PW : i love it so much I had another chicken stir fry with riced cauliflower. 

Mini meal: Roast chicken thin slices (organic prairie) and olives

Meal3: Ground pork tacos with lettuce leaves, guacamole and watermelon 

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Meal1: Leftover pork tacos with avocado and lettuce

Meal2 +PW: Three eggs veg omelet with a green salad

Mini meal: olives and organic prairie chicken slices

Meal3: Roasted veg and sweet pot with marinated pork loin (in Annie's dijon mustard and olive oil infused with thym and garlic), strawberries, banana and coconut flakes. 


I use a lot of infused olive oil with my dishes. It adds so much flavour and it smells delicious. I use a l'olivier which is a french brand (I am french you see) they have so many different flavours and the olive oils are top quality from south of France, Italy and Spain. You can buy it on Amazon but they only do certain flavours. I just wish I could find a decent dijon mustard!!!


I realised I never mentioned what I was drinking during the day except once or twice with my seaweed green tea. In the morning I have two cups of black decaf with my food. I have a nespresso machine and they use swiss water process to decaf their coffee so there is no use of chemical and it is totally safe to use especially when pregnant and nursing. Because I exercise quite a lot (bikram, vinyasa and barre classes, plus outdoor activities with the kids)  I drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I usually add mint and lime, like a virgin mojito without the sugar :-) I also love my Kusmi tea but because I am nursing I only drink one or two cups a week. My favourites are detox with mint and seaweed, anastasia and prince vladimir. Delicious!! 


Feeling good!!

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Day 26: 

Had my breakfast really early as I had a hot yoga class at 9.30 am. I am struggling enough as it going through the class after 1.5 year without practicing so I wanted to make sure all my food would be digested by the time the class started! 

Meal1: Roast veg, salad and some leftover pork, black decaf

Meal2+PW: veg omelet with salad and a peach

mini meal: olives and slices of chicken

Meal3: Coconut curry with chicken, cauliflower, courgettes and carrots



Meal1: Plantain with sliced chicken and watermelon, decaf coffee 

Meal2: Grilled salmon, chicken kebabs and a big salad with some grated beetroots, decaf coffee  

Meal3: Marinated grilled pork loins with sugar snap peas and roasted pots, apple and almond butter



Meal 1: Plantain with lettuce, soft boiled eggs and strawberries with dry roasted hazelnuts 

Meal2: Roasted chicken tandoori (without the yogurt, just the spices and some oil cooked in oven) with beetroots, carrots and celery sticks, guacamole watermelon and a big handful of nuts

Meal3: Some more guacamole, pork chops, courgettes and roasted butternut squash, fruit salad with coconut flakes 

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Day 29: 

Meal1: Onion and tomatoes omelet with guacamole and salad

PW: epic turkey bar

Meal2: Plantain with pork loin and salad 

Mini meal: just nuts 

Meal3: Apple and onion pork burger with brocoli and Kale, Cantaloupe melon and one apple with a bit of almond butter 


I have a great energy level at the moment, even my yoga practice was much better today like something just clicked. I can't believe tomorrow is my last day of the whole30!! 

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Meal1 Soft boiled eggs with cantaloupe melon and salad, decaf

Meal2 +PW: Sautes veg with pork loin and a banana with coconut flakes, decaf 

Mini meal: Thin chicken slices with a small handful of nuts

Meal3: Roasted butternut squash with piperade and chicken roasted in fresh tomato sauce with onion and basil, apple and almond butter 


I will update on my overall experience tomorrow or whenever I get a chance. I definitely do not feel like it is the end, it is just the beginning of a long journey. 

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