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Starting Monday May 25


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Hello Everyone!

I am a 30 year old wife and mother of 2. I am busy working mother (I work as a maternity nurse - best job in the world) and also as a Beachbody Coach. I have found great success with Beachbody but I still felt like there was something missing with my nutirition side of things. I borrowed it all starts with food from a friend who had switched to Paleo diet in January and while reading it I felt like a lightbulb went off. It felt like it was talking about me.

So I ordered the Whole30 book and now I am ready to go! I will be doing it alongside my husband (although he is just eating this way because I make the food) and luckily my kids are adventerous eaters, so they will be experiencing the food as well.

I am excited to get started but also intimidated about getting through the 30 days. But with some good planning, I am setting otu to succeed!

Talk soon!

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