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Help, maybe I make something wrong


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Hey guys, (I speak a little bit english) I started with whole30 at first days of march and all good. I started and I got the goal, and after 30 whole30 days I stayed with the similar alimentation.

I go to gym 3 days at week, monday, wednesday and friday and I make a routine with weights and after that I run 10 o 12k.
Now, my problem: the last may 22 my sister was birthday and I ate many things with sugar, like cake, tiramisu, coke, and salted things too, like cheese or potato chips, I don't have problem with that because al after day I continue with my "healthy" alimentation.
But, yesterday at night I decided go to gym, I felt very, very good, I did my routine with weights without problems and after that I went to run and I RAN 22 K WITHOUT GETTING TIRED!!! All that at last night, and today I feel very good. At weekends usually sleep a lot because I feel tired, but today I feel many energy.
My question: I need I need to get back to refined sugar, desserts, etc? Or maybe I make something wrong in my diet?
My diet is basically: 
At morning: Fruits
At half morning: almonds, walnuts
At half day: meat (chicken or beef) with salad
At half afternoon: fruits
At afternoon (before gym): sauteed vegtables, eggs, some meat
At night (after gym): some fruit before to go to bed.
Thats is, can you help me please with this?
Thanks a lot and sorry if my english is bad.
Greeting from CHILE :)
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Did you follow the meal template during your whole30? If the description above matches how you were eating, I would suggest trying to meet the template instead for a while and see if that changes things. Your extra energy after eating refined sugar tells me either: 1) you aren't eating enough normally, so the calories helped OR 2) you aren't eating enough starchy carbs. You can fix both of these without resorting to junk. Here is how it would work if you followed the meal template:


at morning: Protein, fat and vegetables (like 4-5 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with lots of broccoli and red bell pepper)

at half morning: nothing. no snacks outside of workouts.

at half day: meat (chicken or beef) with salad is good. Maybe add some fat like avocado.

at half afternoon: nothing. no snacks!

at afternoon (before gym): small amount of meat or eggs and/or a little fat. no veggies or fruit (no carbs at this time).

at night (immediately after gym): some lean meat and possibly a little starchy vegetables (little fat and no fruit).

at night (later after gym): another meal like you had at mid-day, possibly adding a fist-size serving of starchy carb like potato or sweet potato.


It looks like you are skipping dinner and having snacks several times per day. Changing both of those should really help. Ask again if you need clarification. Good luck!

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