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Lorian_Lost Whole30 Log


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Starting my first whole30 tomorrow. I have been prepping for about a week, and hubby is on board for support (although he is refusing to give up his creamy coffee, he is going to eat all the meals I prep with me!).

I live in a smaller city and we have one grocery store. Not the greatest for choice and availability of products. But I'm just making due...instead of driving 2 hours to a whole foods to find sausages without sugar in them, I'm going to season up some ground turkey and use that in recipes instead. Kind of fun, figuring out alternatives!

I am a shift worker and have found my energy and metabolism are really taking a hit over the past few years. Hoping this can get me back on track.

Good luck, me...here I go!

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Today is the day! Still have the excitement of starting something new and amazing!

Planned my meals for the week. Being a shift worker, you don't always have time to prep meals, so I am really doing my best to plan ahead so i have no excuses.

I am gluten intolerant (makes me feel like i have rheumatoid arthritis in 80% of my joints, and i have exciting auto-immune responses like shingles...twice...in a 6 month span. Ugh) so giving up the grains is not a problem for me. But i really love milk and dairy. Like, REALLY love. Luckily i gave up sugar in my coffee about 5 years ago, but i have stuck with the double milk. However, I have been planning for the coming of the milk-removal and have been sampling coffees black for the past week or so. Yes, i am a little ocd. Yes, this is what i have to do to be prepared and not slip up. McDonalds is the best so far. Tim Horton's black makes my gut feel like it's rotting out. Work in progress.

So today i stuck to my plan (yay me!!) and enjoyed it all!

D1M1: 3 eggs fried in coconut oil, half an avocado (soooooo good with eggs!) and half a tomato. Black coffee. Pretty normal breakfast for me so felt good.

D1M2: spinach salad (ton of spinach, blueberries, half an avo, tomato, peppers) with balsamic/EVOO.

D1S1: little munchy mid afternoon so i had a gala apple with almond butter* and shredded coconut.

D1M3: Oven roasted chicken with broccoli, roasted potato, hmmm...have to plan another veg here...will update when i actually make dinner!

Went with a nice side salad with lots of veg and balsamic.

*Bulk food store here has a nut butter grinding station. One dock filled with raw, unsalted almonds...you pull the lever and delicious almond butter oooooozes out the spout. So satisfying to pull that lever!

So after day one...feel about the same, except that i feel great about doing this. Re-reading the whole30 book for inspiration as i go.

Hope you all had a great day! Keep up the good work!!

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Hey there & welcome to whole30ville  :) 

I'd hazard a guess that you were hungry mid afternoon because your meal 2 had no protein - unless I'm mistaken? Add 1-2 fist sized pieces of protein to meal one and you'll cut out the need for a snack which is discouraged on whole30 anyways... although I'm loving the sound of that nut butter grinding station!!  :P

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yup, you're likely right on the protein. I had a nice grilled chicken breast, but our boarder ate it...grrrr!!!

Yeah, that nut butter station might become addictive!

I'm doing better today...hid my proteins from prying eyes!


Thank you for your input...love getting feedback!

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Day Two!

Bit of a headache this morning, but I was strangely a bit excited about that...maybe it means I'm doing this right!


D2M1: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, morning mash (a delightful mix of sweet potato, ground turkey, onions, mushrooms), half an avocado

D2M2: pork tenderloin, asparagus, veggified salad

D2M3: grilled steak wrapped in romaine leaves with 1/2 avo,tomato, mushrooms.


Breakthrough this morning...I actually like black coffee!! Whoot!!


Feel like I'm eating a ton for breakfast, but it's keeping me full til lunch, so that's good I think. (right?.....RIGHT??)


Working nights tonight so I will be in the snacking zone. 3am is such a snacky time of day when you're awake.

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Day 3. Timeline says i should expect to feel tired today, which i did, but i am also in the middle of a stretch of night shifts, so i would have been tired anyway. No big loss there, as i had already planned to sleep today for my shift tonight. Low level headache persisting through the day, still thinking positive that this is a good sign. Slight headache for toxins leaving body? Acceptable!!


D3M1: 2 eggs poached, breakfast mash (see day 2), apple and almond butter. Black coffee, which i am really enjoying.

D3M2: Pork steak (so lean and delicious off the BBQ!), roasted potato, side salad with veggies++ and half avocado.

D3M3: Steak salad: romaine, steak cubes, veg, wholly guacamole 100cal pack for dressing. Small bowl of strawberries.


Still feeling pretty good, no crazy energy spikes yet...hoping!


Happy day everyone!

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Day four. I may have been a little cocky about the tiredness. At work last night, 1:00 am rolls around and THE TIRED sneaks out and smacks me upside the head. On the bright side i didn't have to worry about the 3am snackies because THE TIRED had taken over my life.

Managed to eat breakfast after work before collapsing into bed and sleeping the day away.

Dreamed i was going to school overseas in Denmark and every meal was huge fluffy waffles smothered in butter and syrup. I wanted them so badly, but didn't have any becuase they were made with wheat (apparently in my dream, i was still gluten free). So instead i absentmindedly ate a bowl of rice pudding, then cried because i ate rice pudding.


D4M1: 3 egg omelet with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.

D4M2: chicken kebabs with side asperagus and cole slaw made with guacamole...a little something i like to call guaca-brocco-slaw!

D4M3: grilled chicken on veggified salad with guag as dressing. Small bowl of strawberries.


Hoping THE TIRED doesn`t hang around much longer.


Happy Day! ;)

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Hi Lorian_Lost!  Just a note to say keep on keepin' on!  I had the tiredness and headache until around day 6 and then whammo, energy just went up from there.  It will be worth the wait.  I wish you the best on your W30 journey!

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Day five (logging a day late...stupid work!)

Felt tired again today, but headache is still gone, so yay!

Had my first challenge today...went out with friends to say goodbye to a very close friend who is leaving for 15 weeks. Went to Sante Fe, the home of the all you can eat free nachos. Didn't eat one!!! And i am a nacho freak...salsa is a foodgroup in my world. First challenge...success!


D5M1: 2 fried eggs, breakfast mash (yummy sweet potato...i love you...), 1/2 avocado. I know this is starting to look repetative, but i really am enjoying this every morning! Don't really have to think about it and i'm not tired of it...so keeping it going! Black coffee.

D5M2: Veggified salad with grilled chicken, 1/2 avocado.

D5M3: This was the meal at Sante Fe. Got the cobb salad (lettuce, onion, boiled egg, carrots), opted out of the bacon and replaced it with grilled steak strips (they specialize in tortillas so they always have chicken and steak stips ready to go...they had no problem with the sub!). Delicious!

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Day Six


Not tired!!! Yaaaaaaayyyy!!


So THE TIRED went away, and although i'm not feeling THE ENERGY yet, i feel good. clothes not fitting better, not having any real difference in anything else...just feel good. I like it!


D6M1: 2 eggs fried, breakfast mash, 1/2 avocado, black coffee. (i'm going to just start saying "the usual" here!)

D6M2: Veggified salad with grilled pork tenderloin (leftover from the other night). Salad for M2 is good for me, light and easy when i'm less hungry during the day.

D6M3: Grilled chicken with mushrooms, asparagus, carrots. Small bowl of strawberries (have to eat them up!)


Hope this random "good" feeling sticks around!

Happy day everyone!

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Day Seven: At the trailer...good and bad


So we took off to the trailer today to get away for a couple days. Two days is all we could work into or schedule!

Good news: The only food there is what we take with us, which is all Whole30 compliant!

Bad news: The trailer comes with all sorts of cues for an evening cider, marshmallows at the camp fire, hot dogs for dinner, etc.

So although I stuck to the plan for the time we were there (writing this after...took a technology break too!), I was hit pretty hard with some pretty strange cravings. Monday afternoon, I would have given my left arm for a Diet Pepsi. Prior to Whole30, I only drank about one pop a week, but Monday I would have mugged someone for the last sip in their can! I also found myself fantasizing about chip truck fries. Another think I only have rarely (maybe 3 times a year?) but REALLY NEEDED on Monday!

Still enjoying that non-quantifiable feeling of GOOD, so trying to focus on that.


D7M1: The usual ;)

D7M2: veg sticks with wholly guacamole dip, 2 boiled eggs

D7M3: grilled tilapia with grilled skewered shrimp, veggie sides

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Day Eight - One Week Down!!


It's all starting to feel less easy now. Not for any real reason, I have lots of recipes ready to try, my family is supportive, I'm feeling THE GOOD. I just have an underlying frustration...I'm blaming the sugar dragon! Soldiering on...


D8M1: 2 fried eggs, potato, 1/2 avocado (ran out of breakfast mash :( )

D8M2: home made hamburger patties (x-lean ground, a bit of spices, grilled), whole tomato (fresh from market...yum!), wholly guacamole

D8M3: grilled chicken, another tomato (they're so good!!), broccoli, watermelon.

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Day Nine


I am hanging in. Sill craving crazy things that I would not normally eat. Stupid sugar dragon.


D9M1: 3 eggs scrambled, potato, 1/2 avocado

D9M2: grilled chicken wrapped in lettuce with tomatoes, 1/2 avocado (mushed up with garlic)

D9M3: grilled steak, baked potato, broccoli, carrots


I know I'm getting a little light of the veggies...working on that!

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Day Ten!!


Felt pretty amazing today. Got home from my night shift and had a nap. When i got up i felt really good. Went to town and did some random tasks, groceries etc. So my eating today looks like no breakfast, but it's because i got up from my nap at lunch time!

New favourite meal...see M1!! Knowing i've been light on the veggies, i have tried today to turn my approach around. Instead of making a protein and adding veggies, i'm makin a veg meal and adding protein. Seemed to work out well!


D10M1: Lettuce wraps: romaine lettuce leaves with grilled chicken (leftover from yesterday), wholly guac, tomatoes, spicy pickled green bean. Ate about 5 leaves with about 6 oz of chicken divided between them. Oh Em Gee. So good!

D10M2: chicken shwarma salad *

D10M3: hot day....cold plate!! Grilled chicken (using up the last of the leftovers), grape tomatoes, carott sticks, broccoli bits with wholly guac for dip. yummy.


*There is a local shwarma shop that has a really sad/happy story. We live by a military base and their son was posted here. He died in Afghanistan, and to honour his memory, they closed up their stores in Toronto and moved the whole family here, 5-6 hours away! They opened a shop here and introduced this backwoods town to the joys of Lebanese food! Some of the family teach cooking drop ins at the local library so i have gotten to know them and their ingredients through this opportunity.Their chicken is hand rubbed with spices (fresh, not spice blends) which do not include sugar. Then they roast on a spit so all the grease drips off. Their salad is made with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and the chicken, their dressing is just EVOO and lemon juice. Usually i get it with their amazing garlic yogurt sauce, but i skipped that today and it was still A-MA-ZING!!!


So good day overall, hoping for more ahead!


Going for a minor surgical procedure tomorrow. Hoping it won't set me back with feeling crappy. Think happy thoughts for me!


Happy Whole30-ing!

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Day 11


So, delightful minor surgical procedure this morning, so no eating prior to that allowed. When i got home i just went to bed for a while. So i only ate two meals today, but did not feel hungry at all, just tired from the procedure.


D11M1: 3 egg omelette with mushrooms, onions, green peppers; 1/2 avocado. Black coffee...yum!

D11M2: Whole 30 Chicken Cacciatore....so good and a hit with hubby!


Should be back on track tomorrow. Still feeling good, just tired. And maybe getting a cold.

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Day 12


Feeling much better today! Sadly my planned starting of exercise has been sidetracked by a few days, but it'll get going soon!


D12M1: the usual :wub:

D12M2: recreation of chicken shwarma salad...pretty darned yummy, although our chicken was just grilled and was missing all those beautiful spices!

D12M3: lettuce wraps...mmm...lettuce, tomato, wholly guac, spicy bean, chicken, salsa


Throat still sore. Hoping it just goes away.

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Aaaaaaand suddenly i find myself on Day 29!


Work was stupid busy, that sore throat did not just go away and i've been slacking on my forum. The good news? I have been 100% compliant!! Yippee!!


So today is a look back at the whole 30 and a look forward to what is coming.


I started off as a shift worker in a high stress job...recipe for hormone disaster!! I wasn't expecting to lose a ton of weight doing this, i was just hoping to get some of my hormone levels back to normal, and maybe start to feel human again along the way. Success! I am having a much easier time waking up for morning shifts, and i find that i am recovering from a long string of nights faster. After about the first week i stopped craving almost everything, aside from fruit. I have really been focusing on trying to change my relationship with food. As a first responder, we are not guaranteed meals at any given time (or sometimes at all!) so we tend to get into the habit of eating what we can, when we can. That translates into a lot of fast food or pre-packaged food eaten rediculously quickly in the front of a truck. Not the best meal plan. It also tends to teach us that when we get to sit down for a meal, it is a treat, and we get something special, not something we need. Food as reward. So i've really been working on learning to eat for fuel, not for reward. It's coming along, a work in progess.


The hardest part of this by far has been staying away from the scale. We live in a society where numbers are the universal language, numbers don't lie, and nothing is true unless there are numbers to back it up. So going 30 days and recording subjective feelings rather than objective numbers was really a challenge. I even cought myself gazing longingly toward my scale a couple times, which is strange to say the least!


My jeans started to feel a little loose around day 17. By Day 24 i got brave enough to try a pair of jeans that were a size smaller...and they fit! I happened upon some pictures of myself at a bbq this week...didn't even know photos were being taken so i didn't have the chance to suck it in and turn slightly to the left for best perspective...and i looked good! I see myself every day so it is sometimes hard to spot the small changes as they happen. But seeing these pictures of me...just being me, was a bit of an eye opener. I wasn't sucking it in, but i could still see my waist! My shirt wasn't bunching in all the wrong places! Bliss!


The down side...on Day 27 i got tired of eggs for breakfast. Like, really tired. I would rather have run a mile barefoot on our unpaved road that eat that egg on my plate. My own fault for not making alternate breakfast options available.


I never really got to the Tiger Blood stage. I got to the stage where i felt good, i had more energy and i was treating myself better. But then again, i wasn't really expecting to get there this time around. And yes, i am already planning for the next time around!


I am absolutely terrified to start eating other foods again. What if all that hard word goes out the window with one nacho?


Anyway, Day 29 is underway and i am excited.


Happy Day All!

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