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Let's talk about tea and pickles...


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Sorry in advance if this is a repeat topic, or actually listed somewhere that I should have been able to find by now!


Tea: The guidelines (what I was able to find anyways) list "Tea (all)" - but I'm wondering if that's actually true? I have some David's Teas in the cupboard (Cream of Earl Grey and Pink Flamingo for example) that are amongst my regular choices, but I'm not sure how to tell if they're really compliant. The Earl Grey one lists "natural flavouring" on the ingredients and Pink Flamingo lists "artificial flavouring". Anyone have any insight? I decided all by myself to exclude the Birthday Cake tea I bought that has sprinkles and ice cream bits in it  :P


Pickles: The guidelines also state Pickles (all), but all of the pickles that I have in my fridge seem to have sugar in them. I'm assuming that this means that they're off limits, but can anyone advise about pickles that eat that they are sure are compliant?


Day 6 so far and feeling great!! Thanks in advance for your replies.



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You need to read the ingredients list of any packaged food to determine whether it's Whole30 compliant.

Teas with stevia, soy lecithin and vanilla extract, for example, are out. Here's a thread that talks about artificial flavors in tea. http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/5190-teavana-teas-that-are-whole30-compliant-and-actually-taste-good/

Anything with sugar in the ingredients list is out. Find other pickles.

Easiest way to search the forum is from Google. Type Whole30 followed by whatever you're looking for, and you'll get links to relevant past discussion threads.

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