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Starting 2nd W30 - need advice!

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Hey folks,


I've stuck pretty close to the forums and really love them. My first W30 was almost 2 years ago and some of the habits (and benefits) stuck completely, but I've had a stressful last few months, and the small occasional squares of dark chocolate were suddenly larger chunks of not-so-dark chocolate, snacking has replaced meals on too many days... and I realized with a start yesterday that I'm not actually feeling that great or handling stress very well. So even though this is a tough work stretch for me, I'm suddenly really eager to start my second W30 NOW. Like, today. 


I loved Meal 1 today  :) but I just read through the timeline for a refresher and got a bit worried. I have a big event on day 6, so having absolutely no energy on that day would kind of be a disaster for me. I don't remember having that the first time around, and I'm unlikely to get the carb flu symptoms (aside from the chocolate, my carb intake is pretty low - plus my default right now is no grains at all*, minimal dairy, minimal alcohol, no additives). The main change for me as I go into a W30 is the regularity of the meals and  more protein and vegetables as a result (and of course no chocolate/sugar). 


If folks are already fat adapted (I'm pretty sure that I still am, despite the chocolate), does the energy still drop on Day 6 & 7? I know that there are no guarantees, but I would love some guidance from moderators and/or just stories from those who have done additional W30s with relatively compliant eating in between. 




* oops - not true - I've been eating rice a few times/week. I think I tolerate it fairly well, but that of course will be another change.

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I was actually quite surprised on each of my Whole30's just how significant the adjustment was.  For certain the very first one I did had the worst transition but the next one 5 months later came with its own baggage.


For the most part I felt like I was eating "pretty clean" until I really started to pay attention to what I was eating.  Like....really-really pay attention.   I suspect the rice a few times a week, alcohol, chocolate and dairy, snacking etc may have thrown you further off your ideal path than you might think.  First, not eating three regular meals sends your hormones and blood sugar all wacky.  Large hunks of not-so-dark chocolate is going to spike and crash your blood sugar as well.  Rice is carb dense and depending on what you were snacking on (fruit, nuts?) your carbs may have been higher than you think and you could experience a period of transition (maybe not outright carb flu).


On the other hand, this could all be supposition on my part and you could sail through the first 10 days or so of Whole30.  No way of knowing but to jump in!


The best way to avoid heavy doses of "transition" symptoms is to keep your starchy veggie intake higher and drink a LOT of water.  


Let us know how it goes, I'm super curious how you do!  :D

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ok, thanks, LadyShanny! That's pretty much what I needed to hear. I'm going out to get extra sweet potatoes now, and I'll drink lots of water and keep my fingers crossed. The alcohol is a few sips of wine/month and the dairy is because I'm using butter instead of ghee, so nothing crazy  - but I'm definitely wacky and off track (high cortisol + non-regular meals + sugar... yikes! and I should know better!).

I'm throwing myself in and just hope that I won't completely hit a wall next weekend.

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