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Protein/carb serving size after workout - need help!


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Hi Everyone!

   Can you give me a good idea of what a general serving size for a PWO meal would be?  Right now, I'm eating half a chicken breast and about a 1/2 cup of cooked sweet potato. (I'm used a protein shake so this is a big departure for me)  For my pre workout meal, I only eat a hard boiled egg.  My workouts are about an hour and a half and consist of heavy weight lifting for 40 minutes and intense interval training on the treadmill.


Should I eat more or less or is what I'm doing okay? 


I'm still continuing to eat all three extra meals though.  Any help is appreciated!!

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The post-workout meal section of our meal planning guide offers guidelines for how much to eat - the protein should be a meal-size portion and the volume of starchy veggies depends upon how much you are training and whether you prioritize fat loss or quick recovery. 



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