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I've done 8 days. I'm re-focusing my whole30.


Goals this week:

Minimizing servings of fruit

1 serving of nuts/day

pre-workout snack = protein based (eggs, for example)

Day 8 was complete with 1 afternoon snack thanks to a lack of planning/eating enough at lunch/breakfast. 


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Good plan. Discovering the need to cut out fruit and nuts after a week or so is quite common--and doing so often helps people have even better results.

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Day 8 




M1 - eggs and buttercup squash


M2 - almond butter, baby carrots, chicken, lettuce, apple (small)


pre-workout few raisins

run - 5.5 mi in hot sun. Speed workout today plus strength work after.


M3 - beef and broccoli and stir fry veggies, buttercup squash, 1/2 mango, more almond butter.  


Could have had less fruit and almond butter. I'll try again tomorrow. I didn't eat much meat (by beef at dinner I mean a few bites--I just don't like it that much) but at least I tried it.  


I'll be doing a whole 37 or so because I feel like this past week has been spent learning about where I can make changes.

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day 9 


M1 - buttercup squash and egg, chicken (first half at 6 am  and second half at 8:30) 


M2 - carrots and almond buter, stir fry (mainly veggies) with a few bits of beef.


at 2pm - tiny bit of almond butter, but no real "afternoon snack"


ran 5 mi


M3 - squash, cabbage, chicken sausage, half a banana, pickle, few raisins, cashew bits/pieces 


Energy is good. Reduced fruit intake today. Still need to make progress on the nuts.  No nuts tomorrow. That is the goal.

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So yesterday I had nut butter (in my defense it was raw almond butter-not salted stuff)... after I ate my chicken and spinach at lunch.  I ate at 12noon and then ran at 1 pm and didn't have dinner until 6, which was really different for me. I wasn't snacky.  Dinner: salad with shrimp. 


Day 10 - complete but my nut challenge didn't hold up.


Day 11- 


6:30am- eggs, mango slices, and 1T almond butter. I woke up really hungry.


ran 7.5 mi

Post run - few cashew bits and raisins (20?) and a few almonds (5). Plus iced coffee (black).


12:30 - chicken breast grilled with mustard, brussel sprouts, more mango, some cashew pieces (raw)


Mowed the lawn with the non-self propelled lawn mower = arm and upper body workout. Per my fitbit it was 47 mins and 2.6 miles.


snack - carrots with almonds and pickle (Dinner was late--was waiting for friends)


Dinner - 7:15ish - salad with vinegar, mussels steamed, steamed shrimp. 

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workout - ran 8 mi. It is so humid!  I haven't had the total dead legs thing happen yet.


^ Can't figure out how to put this with the previous post.  This is the start of week 2! :-)


the rest of day 12 went like this:


yoga/core work after my run and ate a carrot


lunch - salad with olive oil and vinegar and leftover shrimp and chicken sausage, 1/2 apple, some grapes, carrot dipped in almond butter.


Afternoon - I was antsy, the rain stopped and I finished my long run by going out for another 2.3 mi to get to double digits.


Dinner - I was really hungry by 5:30.  Ate a few almonds, brussel sprouts/kale sprouts (this weird combo from Trader Joes), carrots roasted (purple, yellow, orange), turkey burger, yellow squash grilled, and prepping food for the next day I ate some chicken and butternut squash.


12/37 = 32% done


How I'm feeling update-  I'm not feeling any bloat and the hunger swings are not there. I can run for an hour, come home and shower and not be ravenous. I haven't felt like I need a post-workout meal/snack. I can make it to the next meal just fine.  

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Day 13


Hey it has been almost 2 weeks!


M1/pre-workout - eggs, butternut squash, 1 T almond butter for a fat


run 5 mi and 30 mins yoga


M2 at 10:30 - carrot, another 1T almond butter, turkey burger, brussel sprouts, squash, few grapes.


M3 at 1:30 pm - chicken breast, cucumber, few nuts


M4 at 5:30 pm - chicken sausage, salad, sweet potato, 1/2 apple


Was wicked tired and fell asleep watching tv at 7:30pm. Must be the rain. 

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Day 14!


M1 6:00am - banana and eggs (not totally per the template but I had a rough night and this was what I wanted.)


*Last night I woke up with a headache and upset stomach. I think it was from the new carpet smell in our house. I re-located to the couch and felt better. Stomach still feels off this morning. I ate the banana first and then made a strong effort for the eggs.


Ran 4 mi on treadmill.  After a cup of coffee I felt decent this morning. Took it super easy. I'm convinced it was the carpet smell that made me feel sick. When I go upstairs in the room I am immediately nauseated. 


So I am thinking today will be the day I do not eat a nut/nut butter.  


M2 10:45am - leftover chicken, summer squash, sweet potato/butternut squash, mango slices


I felt like I force fed myself the chicken. I am so over chicken. I just want to eat fruit for the rest of my life (I won't, but I needed to air that rant)


M3 5:30pm- 6 hrs after M2... chicken grilled, roasted carrots, roasted kale, roasted beets, roasted brussel/kale sprouts combo, sweet potato wedges, mango slices, some almond butter... didn't make it without almond butter, but I felt like I was close. 

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Day 16 - done.

I've been too busy in the evenings to log on and write stuff down.


Day 17

600 - apple, eggs, squash and parsnips

1200 - lettuce and pea shoots, cucumber, eggs, avocado

 cup of tea


run 3.6 mi - ate a few squash and parsnip bits post run and 1 tsp almond butter


5:30 dinner - brussels sprouts, eggs, squash, parsnips, 1/2 mango


really wasn't hungry for nuts/nut butter like I have been. 1 tsp of almond butter seemed adequate, maybe I'm breaking the habit. Maybe it's a habit and not always hunger.


I'm pretty amazed that I have been able to go long periods without crashing.


next week - goal is to have meals prepped and planned for the week on Sunday. 

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So day 18 - 

pre-run - coffee and buttercup squash slices 


ran 6 mi

 - hip that used to be the "good side" irritating me, every car that drove by was too close and I am angry. Was going to go to yoga after running but I need to clean or make better use of my energy. Is this "kill all things"?


I ate eggs, 1T almond butter, cucumber (five inches long section) and an orange.  I don't know what the timeline is like for me, but I am frustrated with everything and it is probably comical.


M2 1:00 pm - big salad with fennel, avocado, tomato, oil and vinegar, 1/2 mango, eggs


M3 - big salad and turkey burgers and sweet potato grilled wedges. 

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Day 19 


M1at 6:30 am - eggs, almond butter 1T,


ran 10 mi at 9 am


post workout at 11am - half a mango and left over turkey burger


M2 - 1:00 pm - big salad with avocado and 1 egg, oil and vinegar. Some almonds.

M3- 5:30 pm - chicken, kale, sweet potato


Goals for this upcoming week:  No nuts. More veggies/protein.

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And at day 20 I am starting over.


After feeling like I have struggled with keeping the trouble areas out of my diet I have decided to re-start at 0.  I had some gum today and decided today I would re-start. I've learned a lot so far and I want to do 30 days without feeling like I have completed it using nuts as a crutch.  

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Day 2 -

M1- eggs, chicken, squash 6 am

M2 - carrots, lettuce with oil/vinegar, some chicken, some squash, small avocado at 1pm (starving at this point. Work kept me busy til 12:30)


pre - run almond butter

run - 6 mi


M3- grass fed beef burger, sweet potato wedges grilled, and salad.

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Day 4 continues - 

M2 - salad with chicken and it was not appetizing. Also ate some pistachios.


ran 4.5 mi with some other strength work.


M3 - carrots, almond butter, lobsters and salad.



I started to think about why I don't usually eat a lot at my meals. I often snack (since I started on whole30, far less often).  I started thinking about how when I am with other people I am embarrassed to be hungry and want food. I've never been a hearty eater. I have always chosen vegetarian style dishes over meaty ones and never pasta, rice, etc. But why did I always eat to little at a meal?  I started thinking back to it all. When I was in middle school my mom would pack my lunch. It was healthy in comparison to the other kids around me who were eating hot lunch or two large underbaked cookies. I remember a few occasions when someone said I ate two sandwiches (a rumor--not true).  And after that point I started skimping lunches like other kids. The other kids always went to get fast food later in the day.  I did not. But I felt ashamed for having a large lunch by comparison. And when I think back on it I realize how stupid. I shouldn't have been ashamed.  But now for as long as I can remember I have eaten what one might call a half lunch and then been so ashamed that I was starving two hours later.  When I am not around others I can go ahead and eat a snack and feel no guilt.  It's when I am with others I feel like I have to justify it or make an excuse.  I started the whole30 because I wanted to stop feeling like I was crashing and needing a snack.  That getting really hungry thing explains the over eating in the mid afternoon at times.  For my first few years of working my food consumption went like this:  1/4 cup oatmeal at breakfast, 1 apple 2 hrs later  at the socially acceptable time to eat morning snack, salad for lunch with sprinkled on beans, nothing, or maybe some tofu, then by 3 pm when I would get home I was ravenous and there was no way I could workout. So I'd eat some oatmeal with sugar on it and whatever else I had in my apartment, dry cereal, fruit until I was full.  I'd be wicked full because I ate so fast and not feel like dinner. I'd do a workout feeling like I had a food baby.  But to be honest I think I liked looking forward to being able to eat a huge bowl of cereal or two in the afternoons. It became a habit. So to combat this after a few years I realized I needed to eat more during the day so I would bring more fruit and nuts.  I'd eat a snack once every two hours, never really getting full.  I liked looking forward to having a snack. It was like entertainment. Another habit.  I felt remarkably better compared to before.  But then I started to get frustrated that I was eating all the time or at least I probably appeared to be.  I couched it with the fact that it was "really healthy" stuff.... oatmeal, nuts, fruit, celery.  But holy cow is that exhausting.  I would still be ready for dinner at 4:59pm and when out with friends/family I'd sucked down some diet soda to prevent myself from getting too hungry because I'd missed a snack or two and didn't want to be a baby because I was hungry. I've always felt like I am ready for a meal at a non-socially acceptable time for a meal.  I've always been dying for breakfast first thing in the morning--who are these breakfast skippers? who does that?  When I would visit friends who didn't eat breakfast I'd be sooooo ashamed when I was about to pass out later in the morning because my coffee left me shaky and ravenous.  But I didn't want to be a pain in the butt and suggest breakfast.  I've always battled wondering what people think of me in relation to what I eat.  That being said, I'm a size 4, have been since age 15.  Recently threw out pants from high school that fit just because they were way out of style now and too frayed.  I've been in the same healthy weight range for my whole life. While other girls doubled in size I stayed the same. Even back in middle school I was totally healthy.  If only I knew now...I'd tell my younger self to eat that damn sandwich and not give a crap about what other kids thought.  I've never been overweight. 


So I'm throwing this all out here. Maybe someone else reads it and can sympathize.  Needed to get it off my chest. 

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Day 5


M1 - pre workout egg and banana 


10 mi run


M2 post run - 2 eggs, squash, carrots 1 T almond butter, maybe something else but I can't remember.


1 hr bike ride


M3 - chicken sausage, pistachios, zucchini (tons of it)


M4 - salad, chicken, beets, walnut pieces

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