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JenX's Post-W30 Log


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Groceries achieved, and within budget! I didn't replace beer or wine (yay!) but did splurge on 2 pints of So-luscious cashew milk ice cream. They were in 2 for one and other than various forms of sugar are compliant. No carrageen or soy. Curios to try them later on.

Watching some TV and reveling in the relative cool that is today. I'll get busy in a bit. Need to clean and do food prep.

Oh, popcorn after-effects. IBS-D this morning. Upset stomach too, after breakfast. I think popcorn is pretty-much a no-go.

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So I did this whole large post and it errors out when I tried to submit. I backed up and saved it to notepad then tried to re-submit after refreshing the page. Nope. Tried it 4 times with all sorts of changed variables but it just won't go. Now I have to retype it. Bah. Never mind. Suffice it to say I cooked bunches yesterday. And my meals were as follows:

M1- egg casserole w mayo

M2- tuna salad w/ lettuce and cucumbers

M2-roast chicken thigh and 2 wings, potato wedges and veggie sauté (mushrooms, kale, onion, gbp, potato - foe egg casserole being made Sunday)

Also had about 2/3rd of a pint of cashew milk ice cream. So good! Manage to stop when full but should have stopped at 1/2 container when I was satiated. Will post today's meal after dinner.

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Up at 6:15

Meal 1 egg casserole from last week's bake, sauerkraut, spinach

Meal 2 fish tacos. 2 tortillas, 1.25 palms fish Vera Cruz from TJ's, tapatio mayo, cabbage slaw with lime and cilantro. Rest of cashew ice cream and part of the chocolate pint too.

M3...hmm, not sure yet. Probably turkey burger with the rest of the potato wedges.

Bit of a stomach ache after lunch. Not sure if from the tortillas or the cashew milk ice cream. Or just eating too much. Getting lots done around the house today tho.

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So last night was 3 GF beers and dinner was 2 turkey burgers, potato wedges and a bit of cabbage slaw. Oh, and the rest of the chocolate flavor cashew milk ice cream. And a 100 calorie pack of almonds I found in the drawer.


Slept really well last night - it cooled off some and is expected to cool off more today.


Up at 5am

6:00 Pre WO: 2 hb eggs w/ mayo

7:00 Spin

8:00 Conditioning class

9;30 Meal 1 - egg, sausage, potato and veg casserole on spinach w/ 1/2 avocado

1:00 Meal 2 - fish tacos w/ cabbage slaw (lime and cilantro)


Really good egg casserole this time. I like all the textures and love the heat I added to the sausage.  It's not 100% compliant as this is regular breakfast sausage but I'm okay with that little bit of added sugar. Also really happy to be eating a ripe avocado after  a full week without any. 


No GI issues after yesterday's tortillas/cashew milk ice cream. No upset stomach either - that will make a nice splurge every once in a while when I really want ice cream but otherwise should be left out of daily life. :D

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Change of plan.


M2 was a BAS with romaine, cucumber, rbp, mushroom, green onion, radish, 1.5 slices of bacon, small handful of kalamata olives, 1/4 avocado and homemade vinaigrette, + 1 palm chicken breast w/ skin. AMAZING!! Had it back at work at 2pm and am still stuffed.


Dinner will then be fish tacos w/ the cabbage slaw most likely.


I am really feeling my workouts this morning. I'm physically pooped, but my energy is still okay, if that makes any sense.  I bet I sleep really well tonight!

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Not sure what is going on between my phone and this forum but again, I did a whole large post and it errored out on me. So aggravating!  I'm attempting to send a copy now to my work email so I can cut and paste rather than retyping the whole darn thing. grr!


Dinner last night was 3 fish tacos (on corn tortillas) with slaw to which I added Tapatio hot sauce and 1 thumb of mayo. Also 1/4 of an avocado. I seem to do fine with the tortillas. No bloating, no GI issues (for 3 days now!!) and I don't love them like all the OTHER bread products so no worry they'll become FWOB. 


Rain has been loud since 3am - I was only able to doze from then on and finally gave up at 5:30 and got up.


M1: egg casserole (this weeks is sausage, kale, mushroom, peppers and onions and is AMAZING)

  • Pre-WO - hb egg
  • Spin at 1pm
  • M2: BAS a la yesterday but no bacon (I'm out)
  • M3: either leftover chicken or turkey burgers. And I'll cook asparagus or sprouts tonight too. 


My US Wellness meats show up today. I'm so excited!! I really want a steak so timing couldn't be better. Oh, and St. Supery wine is showing up too, so it may be too much of a coincidence to not open some to go with that steak - YUM!


In other news, I've been reading Mark's Daily Apple and learning about his optimum carb curve as relates to the Primal Blueprint. This got me very curious, so I plugged in my food for today into myfitnesspal just to get the metrics. I am spot on!  I'm looking at 82g carb for today (optimal is 50-100). My protein is running right around 1g/ lb of lean mass and the rest of my 1750 calories today was made up of delicious healthy fats!  

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Quick note - killer spin class today before lunch! after 2 weeks of going to at least 2 classes per week I'm already seeing a big difference in my ability to gear up and push. It feels so nice to be working up a decent sweat again after so many months off!


Wine shipment is in, and meat shipment is due in today. it really has me thinking about maybe a bottle & steak this weekend. something to look forward to? on the other hand I do know deep down food shouldn't be a "treat". Then again, all food is a treat to me. I just love food!

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I fell off the wagon last night. I received my wine shipment and was not at all successful in talking myself out of opening the white.  I had about 1/2 a glass before dinner was ready (on top of the GF beer I had when I walked in the door), and then a full glass after dinner, and then another full glass, and then another mostly full glass (about 3-3.5 total). Ugh. Managed to stop myself before I drank the whole bottle but it was a near miss. I'm not upset with myself our guilty or anything...I just wish I was better able to stop when I'm not as far into it, when my palate gets tired, before the munchies set in. This time the wine sent me into the kitchen looking for post-dinner snacks and I settled on both single-serve packets of almond butter in the house. No reason. I wasn't hungry. they were just there. Good thing they were the only thing that was there! Oh, and a handful of olives too, come to think of it.


Dinner was sprouts roasted in bacon fat, and reheated chicken leg/thigh. Delicious! And the meat I got from US Wellness looks amazing -  I cannot wait to try one of those steaks!


So, dragging a bit this morning thanks to my indulgences. Other than that, no horrid effects.  Even the GI tract is still behaving.  4 days in a row now! - a new record!


 For Today

Up at 5

HB egg @ 5:45

8:00am Workout *Ultimate conditioning*

9:00 Post workout egg white (1) and 4 bites of yam (I was dragging through workout so thought maybe I should start adding Post WO)

10am Meal 1: egg casserole w/ salsa verde and 1 c raw baby spinach. I forgot the avocado :(

2pm Meal 2: BAS w/ chicken, olives & vinaigrette

7:30 Meal 3: turkey burgers (mayo), sauerkraut, broccoli


Most likely the remainder of the white wine, too.

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Skipped the sauerkraut for M3 listed above but everything else was dead on. I not only had the rest of the white (2 glasses) but I uncorked the red and had a glass of that too. I'll savor that with steak tonight & tomorrow and then its time to give the ol' liver a break again.


Decided to take the car in for service this morning so didn't have time to eat my full breakfast. grabbed a HB egg with a schmear of mayo instead. I walk in from the service station so thought maybe it's sort of a pre-workout situation (?) ;)


Pre workout - 1 hb egg/mayo

M1 - egg casserole, 1/3 avocado, raw baby spinach

M2 - same as all week...BAS w/ chicken, olives and vinaigrette

M3 - steak!  pastured petite NY strip from US Wellness meats. Roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus. Red wine (let's keep it to 2 glasses, shall we??)


I was really tired yesterday. I think, yes, in part it is the wine that causes this. I'm also about 1 week out from my period so that is part of it as well. I feel better this morning so far. I think I'm going to call in sick tomorrow to have a 3 day weekend. I'm meeting a friend for lunch and the dog has a vet appointment so work will really just be in the way.  Besides I have things I could get done before it gets hot again this weekend.  I keep debating being honest and just taking the day off v. calling in "sick" but I do still have sick leave to use so I may as well. 


Spencer cat scared me this morning. He didn't come out like he normally does. I finally called him out from under the bed and he just looks a bit dumpy. I was worried he had another urinary blockage. Turns out he just hadn't peed yet this morning. whew!  I cannot afford another blockage. If it ends up being a chronic problem with him I'll have a very hard decision to make. Looks like I don't have to think about that yet, thankfully.

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Amazing dinner last night. Those steaks from US wellness meats are absolutely delicious! Are 1/2 of the petite strip (1 Palm) plus potatoes and asparagus as planned. And the rest of the wine. Now we can have a wine-free weekend.

Followed through on my promise to myself and called in sick today. Now I have to get busy! Meeting a friend for lunch and getting grocery shopping done then, and then the doggie has her foot appointment at 6pm. I suppose I should have dinner prepped and cooked before I leave for that so I can just reheat. Or maybe I'll call and see if they have any earlier appointments.

M1: egg casserole and sauerkraut.

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Did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and swept/vacuumed. I also have chicken carcasses roasting in the oven so I can start bone broth before I leave the house for lunch. Nothing like an extra day to get things done!

I can't wait for this lunch. I haven't eaten out in a while now - not since Napa last month. And I've been wanting to eat at this place for years. It belongs to one of the stop Chef chefs and sways has high ratings. A gastro-pub kind of deal. I may risk a beer with gluten and just suffer the aches and pains. Then again, my GI tract has been on point almost a full week now. Hate to screw that up.

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Lost that battle and opened a Scout's Honor and boy is that good. It'll go great with tonight's duck too so I'm okay with it.

The alcohol is starting to affect my sleep though so it's time to cut it back out. On top of that my back hurts today (gluten?) so that contributed to the tossing and turning.

Today I need to go to Ralph's, TJs and Target to finish up the shopping, and then do some cooking. Egg casserole, chicken, chicken salad, make salads for the week, and finish the bone broth with some aromatics. It looks to be a very dark, rich stick this time! Oh, and I should do something with all the cauliflower. I have 2 heads!

So, coffee, breakfast and then some gardening while it's cool. I should get busy.

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So a bit of change to my BM today but nothing too horrendous. I guess that bit of bread wasn't enough to set off a reaction. Back is better too since I got up and got moving. I did about half of the back yard (weeding, trimming, sweeping) and it all looks so much better. Ran the errands and final bad lunch about 2pm. I'd been hungry since 11:30 but I never hit that point where I have to eat NOW like I used to.

M1: egg casserole, spinach, tomatoes w mayo

M2: turkey burgers on romaine w mayo, fennel salad ( fennel, orange, arugula, olives, olive oil, lemon)

M3: duck breast, roasted brusssel sprouts, potatoes.

Will be my first time cooking duck breast. I'm looking forward to it.

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The duck breast never happened on the 19th. My oven didn't want to light and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Financial straw. Between cat and dog vet bills and my car and my foot I simply couldn't fathom having to buy a new range right now. I had a good old fashioned temper tantrum. And a bottle of wine. :unsure:  It did eventually light so I was able to bake a chicken for the week and some potatoes & b.s. as planned, but it was too late and I was too tipsy to attempt cooking my first duck breast. had a left over chicken leg instead.


Yesterday I made the egg casserole (repeat from last week's)  but didn't eat it for breakfast. I had the filling (noncompliant pork sausage, onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, & kale) with 3 scrambled eggs.


Yesterday I did "treat" myself to 2 impulse purchases at Target - GF ginger molasses cookies (meh) and coco-covered almonds (yum - FWOB).  I snacked on those and never got hungry for lunch (my bad) and spent the afternoon designing a new kitchen. Hey, if I have to replace the stove I may as well do the whole remodel!  I think I'm serious... I'm considering applying for a HELOC and finding a builder or architect. eek!


I'm winding down on logging here - feeling a bit burned out with it at the moment.  I feel secure enough in my food. Not currently losing any weight, but feel good overall. great sleep (when I scale back drinking), good energy, great mood, etc.   I had some GI issues this morning I'm sure to the fact I simply ate too many nuts. Overall I've found out what the triggers are there and am so happy about that!  After a year with IBS-D my gut is back to relative normal. That is incentive enough to not stray too far from the template. I'll pop in here and make entries when the mood strikes, but no more daily entries for a while. Silence doesn't mean I'm off the rails, or that I've ridden my bike off the cliff - or hopefully it doesn't mean that!!  :D

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Okay, so I just can't stay away. Weird day today so not hungry after workout I had a bit of hockey. And then completely forgot to eat Meal 1. Had a couple bites of my egg casserole at 11:30 and then just skipped to meal 2 at 2pm. Thought that may cause problems down the line but it hasn't seemed to. I think I just ate too much yesterday.

And no drinking today. That feels good. Came home and just worked on my Kombucha, unsticking dining room windows and cooking dinner (salmon, roasted cauliflower and left over potato wedges). Feeling nice and tired at 9pm - about ready to climb in bed.

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Yep. No booze=excellent sleep. No tossing and turning, no waking up 12 times a night. I went to bed as 9:30 and slept straight through to 4:45. I feel refreshed enough I'm just going to stay up and get things done around the house this morning before work.

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2nd day 99.9% compliant under my belt from yesterday and I'm already feeling myself again. I'm happy and energetic - ready to meet the day when my alarm goes off at 5.


Only non-compliant (NC) items were 6 faux creamers in my coffee(s) at work with 1 tsp sugar in 2 of them, and the bf sausage in my egg casserole. these are little tweaks I've allowed as wanted, although I really should go get some real cream for my coffee, or bring in coconut milk. I don't like these non-refrigerator half & half single serve things. They're a bit healthier than the powdered non-dairy (which is all chemicals), but not by much.


I also had TOO MUCH coffee yesterday. It kept me up for a while last night. So today, no more past noon.

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Last night was a bit snacks. The end of the cocoa almonds and the GF cookies. And a bit of GI trouble this morning from too much/too late. Otherwise I feel fine tonight.

Pushing hard in spin and that feels good. It is so nice to sweat again!

Better Body Challenge is starting at work Monday Oct 5 and I am debating joining. I'll have to tweak my plan just right and drop any extras to get my fat % to move. Been stuck since the end of my last w30. I'll think on it for a week or so. I am feeling a bit sleepy knee this past week so may jump on the scale to see what's what.

Still not drinking. Almost made it through the week! Now to make it through the weekend. That's the sticking point. She something I need to work on. I like to "reward" myself for getting through the work week. Maybe need a different reward, eh?

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Did you have an amazing time?? I hope so!

Yes! It was amazing. Loved Melbourne, did a bit of sight seeing and lots of visiting with friends. Lots of eating and the wine was amazing. Aussie wines usually make me quite flushed and rashy here but I didn't have that problem there!

Trying to get back on the train again......

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So, a nice weekend overall. Food was a bit off here and there, and too much drinking again. why do I always feel the need to have some of EVERYTHING before I restart on a Whole 30??  Anyway, I have it mostly out of my system now. I'm starting back up with the Oct 1 group and doing it with a friend (a 1st timer). I'm also competing in the BBC at work as added incentive to drop some BF%


So, things to concentrate on this time...


  • Portion control: try to stick to lower end of template*.
  • Really watch fats and keep those to lower end of template*.
  • Be sure to use Pre- & Post-WO meals
  • eat more fish!! shoot for 2x a week (2 meals minimum).

*obviously if meals don't hold me 4-5 hrs, adjust accordingly


Stick with my Spin classes (3-4/week), and circuit training M & F.  I could also add some additional weight time on Fridays after morning spin.

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