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Many wild plants are much more nutritionally complete than store-bought plants- also, many "weeds" are edible and very nutritious. 


If you haven't foraged before or are unsure, then please consider taking a foraging class.


Here are some interesting books I have found... when looking for a good foraging book look for


  1. Ideally, full-colour photographs AND detailed drawings
  2. All the common names plus the latin name (binomial nomenclature)
  3. Description of the plant in different seasons
  4. Description of what parts of the plant are edible and which plants are
  5. Listing of poisonous look-alikes
  6. Good binding (you don't want something that will fall apart if you take it out on the trail)


Here are some good foraging books I have found or actually own, plus the urls under the image for your convenience:



Here is the url:


All that the Rain Promises and More by David Arora 

I own this book. It is the best guide to Western (Pacific Northwest) mushrooms I have ever seen. It averages 5 stars out of 223 customer reviews. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are interested in wild mushroom picking THIS is the book for you. Mushrooms can be highly toxic so make sure to go with an experienced picker or take a mushroom foraging class! 



This one is not really designed for the food forager, but it is an excellent identification guide. You can mark the plants that are edible yourself after studying each one.



I have this one- it is good for the beginner, but doesn't go over many different plants. The plants it does go over grow in many different places and are easy to identify, there are recipes, etc...




I don't have this one but it has gotten a lot of good reviews- good for people in the midwest and even the eastern coast (apparently, read the reviews and ask questions)



Don't have this one, excellent reviews, will go to the bookstore and look at it before buying.



Don't know anything about this book, seems to have done well, am including it for the Northeastern people.



For the Southeastern people...



Need to get this one...



Need this one too...


There are several more, but I am getting tired now... I hope this list helps somebody who may want to look into foraging to diversify their plant and fungus dietary additions. 


Have a nice day.  :)


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