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Any success stories from moms?


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Hey everyone! 


In my line of work I have the opportunity to interact with adults and their children. I have been pushing (gently) for moms in my area to try the whole 30 and those who have done it are thrilled with everything they get out of it. The disconnect seems to be when I suggest that children can and should join in. They have this idea of "kid food" and what their kids will and wont eat, and "Is that even healthy?" 


So, I am looking for anyone would be willing to share a success story. You can email me personally but I am very interested in hearing from a variety of sources which could include, 

-Pregnant whole30

-whole30 with kids

-whole30 troubleshooting with kids

-whole30 success with kids

-whole30 with kids who are coming off of a mainly processed diet

-positive effects of whole30 with kids


Any other story that someone would want to share would be great! And any especially kid friendly recipes would be wonderful!!

Feel free to comment or email me.


 [email protected]

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