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Hi Guys!

I have also noticed my grocery bill going up with this lifestyle! Being an avid couponer, it's been rough since most of the coupons are all for packaged/fake stuff!

We also go to costco frequently.. but i watch the grocery store ad's like a hawk! most grocery stores price match, so i bring all the ads to my favorite place. Last week i got avocado's for 35 cents each, that was super exciting lol. Aldi's is also super cheap, if you have one near you.

i posted this in one of the other threads, but if you wanted to stock up on some oil or something, Vitacost.com is currently offering a free $10 credit for new members, so you could get avocado oil for 50 cents + $5 shipping! woop woop!


PS: the above link is a referral link, but im pretty sure you can still get the $10 if you dont want to refer me :)

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Hi Deb,

I see that you live in Durham so this might help you out with the veggies. Come over to Raleigh & go to the NC Farmers Market on Lake Wheeler Road (less than 3 minutes off of I-40) and go to the wholesale building. You can buy cases of fresh veggies for way, way less than going to the regular retail buildings. If you don't need a full case of a particular veg, there are always people willing to split cases - you just have to go outside the wholesale building to share.

There are some really great CSAs in the area too. You can become a distribution point & they'll deliver to your house. Then everyone comes to you to pick up their order so you get a chance to meet a bunch of great new friends!

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