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Nervous for W30 start due to work schedule

Angelina G

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I'm exited to see all of the support this forum provides. I've read through some posts already and have learned so much. I'm in preparation mode at this time. Getting meal plans together for my first week. I'm a beginner/intermediate chef, and craving to learn more cooking technique, more recipes, and complete the Whole30 with success.


My fears for the program: I've tried juice cleanses, strict diets, etc before, and although I know this program is much different than those "healthy binges", they still had very similar up's and down's that the book outlines. When I crave, I CRAVE. My family jokes that, although I've never been pregnant, my cravings are "pregnancy cravings" all the time. Food just completely owns me more often then not. Thankfully, I'm not terribly overweight because of these aweful cravings. Maybe only 10 or 15 lbs based on my BMI, but my fear is that it's just going to get worse overtime if I don't do something.


I've also got my wedding coming up in October. Thankfully, I plan to have the program completed by that time and hope to develop some great "food standards" for myself, but I'm a stress eater and a comfort eater. This is the least of my fears, but it's definitely on my mind.


My last concern is my job. I'm a physician assistant in the ER. I work several 12 hour shifts often several days in a row. Sometimes 4 or 5, and it can be more occasionally. I rarely get more than 5-10 minutes for a meal in a shift. I snack frequently (usually pretty healthy with fruits and vegetables) instead of a meal. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job and it's completely worth the bizzare eating pattern it creates, but I'm looking for suggestions for Whole30 snack bars / dry fruit bars / ANYTHING bars because they are so easy to eat between running from one patient to the other. Not to mention they fit easily into my white coat! I'm working on the motivation to pre-prepare my dinners while I'm at work, but I'd LOVE suggestions for that, too.


It's so amazing to read all the success stories, and I'm hopeful I can be one of them.. but I have a few last minute concerns. If anyone has thoughts, please share! :) 

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I am unrelenting with most people about getting organized to eat real food, but a busy ER earns a soft spot in my hard heart. You might want to keep beef jerky or protein bars from one of the Whole30 approved vendors in your lab coat. You should have real food in a cooler or refrigerator to eat if you get a break, but keep the packaged stuff near if it is the best you can do. To skip needing to heat food, you might bring tuna salad, salmon salad, crab salad, chicken salad, turkey salad, beef salad... :)



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