Sue F - Post Whole30 2015

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Fresh start today.

M1: tuna, decaf coffee with coconut milk

M2: spicy italian chopped salad from subway with vinaigrette dressing. Kalamata olives. Half avocado with olive oil and smoked paprika.

M3: explicative, curse word, foul dirty language. Ate crappy food.

I listen to audiobooks almost every day. While I cook and clean and drive. So today I reloaded It Starts With Food on my phone and am going to listen to it again in hopes that it will help me get through today. The Hartwigs did an awesome job of reading it.

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How are you? Is the routine getting any more routine? I have been all over the place with compliance. I get the ingredients right, but mess up on the timings. Thursday, I underfed at breakfast, worked out, non stop appointments til 2, then grocery shopping feeling really unwell.

I ran into 2 differents friends who wanted a chat, but I wanted FOOD - apologised as I cut them short as I really felt unwell.

Got home, shoved a fist sized sweet potato into the microwave while making a spinach burger. Lunch at 4 felt awful! Was headachey and nearly weepy. Had let myself run out of food except forfrozen slow cooker stuff that doesnt really travel.

Ate an apple and mooched around feeling mad at myself for my failure to plan.

Friday was better organised as I had a burger and veggies ready to eat in baggies in my handbag as I flitted about. Not exactly sitting at a beautifully dressed table but hay- ho needs must when the devil drives.

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