Starting June 1st - looking for Food Freedom!


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Starting 1st June!


Tomorrow I will start the Whole 30 once again!


I have been here before:


I really want to do a Whole 30 albeit with a slight modification. I really want to spend time reading and living the daily newsletters and learning more every day. I really like how much I learn on the forums, but I am mindful that I have to be careful with my eating disorder. That was the main reason why I stopped Whole 30 twice before and why I also decided not to continue while being on low Fodmap, which I am doing with a dietitian and which has cleared my symptoms - I know I could have combined it, but one step at a time, right?. I want to follow the program most meals in the next 30 days. Giving myself a little freedom will make it easier for me to follow through. For me this is a journey to heal my relationship with food and I see so much value in this program and my life has changed so much since starting with Whole 30 in March. I am so grateful for this program and the relationship to food is what the program is about as well, right? I won't be perfect, but I am work in progress. I read the other day about "Food Freedom" and that is what I want. To understand my choices, my feelings, my reactions to food better and I find that the Whole 30 can help me in this process :) So all set aside, the program is great and I will follow it as best as I can! I can be very good in being strict and perfectionist, and that is one issue I am addressing by mindfully being a little more flexible ;)


I will follow the meal template and eat a main meal after first waking. I am already following the 3 meals a day rule for quite a while now and it is a great change for me. Close your eyes if you don't want to read this, but I am logging my food, mainly to ensure that I eat enough - I noticed that I frequently undereat at meal times and that sets off a whole arsenal of bad behaviours. I also check my weight, I get too anxious without that. Give me 30 days and I may get more confidence in my meal planning and my body image and take the next steps towards a healthy relationship with food. It is not easy for me to change and I know it will take much longer than 30 days!


I take wonder and curiosity with me on my journey and reflect on the days gone by. I think this is one of the key for me :)


I was out shopping most of the day yesterday. I made sure I had a good breakfast before I went out and was looking for lunch as soon as I started feeling hunger. Apart from the fact that before I would have wandered out without a breakfast and if at all had a smoothie in the mall and come home absolutely starving, I took a good 15 minutes to read all the menus in the food court (wondered when my thai had closed down) and contemplated what I really want to have - instead of being pushed to make a quick decision by the many friendly counter staff that greeted me and asked me if they could help me. I ended up with meat, plain shredded lettuce, tomato, cheese and carrot sticks. and I enjoyed every bite and finished the whole plate. I also had a big bottle of water. I sit down and enjoy my food and I am amzed how my taste buds have changed - since when do I order extra carrots??? This is what it is about for me :)


There are no SMART goals for me. I am moving, sleeping, meditating and spending time with friends and family and I will keep a diary of this, but set no goals. All my life has been about goals and mercilessly pursuing these goals - it is time to stop!


Is there anyone else who loves the Whole 30 program and the support network, but has a slightly different mission? Anyone want to join me on my journey?


Cheerio x

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Day 0:


The fridge is stocked up with lots of veggies, eggs - fresh and hard-boiled, I made pumpkin soup with bone broth, roasted beef and I am looking forward to Day 1!


I am planning to be more active again, I started working out with an exercise physiologist twice a week now and have one pilates class. Hopefully I can start some running again as well. Bit by bit!


I did muscle relaxation and meditation today and also my mobility exercises, but took it easy all day - I think I am hibernating, it is definitely the first day of winter tomorrow! We only had 12 deg C and it was overcast all day!!!


I will do my best, but no pressure :)

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Day 1:


I am excited :) That is a good sign!


I have planned my breakfast and lunch and am strength training for 30min this morning.


Meal 1: Potato, carrot, capsicum, spinach hash with coconut oil, minced beef and eggs


Meal 2: Creamy pumpkin soup (pumpkin, home-made bone broth incl. fat) with minced beef, egg, lactose free cream and chilli


I will think about meal 3 on the way home from work.


Today I will also meet with my dietitian - excited to see what food groups I can reintroduce!!!

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