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Finished my Whole 30, albeit imperfectly


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Results of my Whole 30, albeit an imperfect one due to the Listerine Breath Strips:


On Day 28, it occurred to me to check to see if the Listerine Breath Strips I had been using were Whole 30 approved.  I don't know why it dawned on me then - I had just assumed they were similar to mouthwash.  Turns out they are not and they contain carrageenan (bad, bad, bad).  So, in the interest of full disclosure, my Whole 30 was not completely compliant.  I did, however, have some really good results.  I am continuing on until June 12th - with no breath strips this time.


Lost 3.8 lbs. and 4.25 inches - most notably in the lower half of my body: waist (1"), lower abdomen (1.5"), hips (0.5") and thighs (0.5" each).  I am thrilled!  I'll check again on June 12th, which will be a totally clean 2 weeks (no breath strips).  My measurements still aren't where they were two years ago, but I'll get there.  


Other victories:

  • My clothes are fitting MUCH better.  I wore a dress that I could not begin to get into in April on my date the other night.  
  • My gassiness has disappeared.  I don't have time to do the elimination test this time, but truthfully I already know what the culprit was - artificial sweeteners - sugar alcohols specifically.  I had gotten into making and eating far too many treats.
  • I am sleeping like the dead every night
  • My hormone issues (I am in menopause h*ll) are MUCH better.  I had been eating VLCHF and the addition of starchy vegetables has made a HUGE positive impact.
  • Not tracking my food intake has been so freeing.  With VLCHF, I obsessively tracked everything.  I feel like I am listening to my body's hunger cues now.
  • I AM the energizer bunny  :)  Tigerblood flows in my veins.
  • I LOVE my food.  Everything I eat just tastes so good!
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