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Day 8 of First Whole30


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I have been aware of and researching the Whole30 for the past year but only committed to doing it after buying the Whole30 book.  I'm on Day 8 and am committed to taming my Sugar Dragon!  So far I've gotten through the headaches and low energy and am now enjoying much better energy.  I've been able to sleep at night without being awoken by terrible GERD symptoms that require eating lots of antacids.  I love that I don't have to count anything, keep track of anything, or buy products associated with the "program".  


Here's to more days ahead feeling better and better! 



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Hi Rhonda,

So great to hear your GERD symptoms are gone!!

This is my day four and my first time doing whole 30.

I am feeling good.

I have given up sugar and gluten in the past and stopped have heartburn and felt good. I feel that this whole 30 has a good basis to it for me. 

I agree with loving the simplicity.

Happy day 9 to you tomorrow!!!

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