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June 1st Begins My First Whole30


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Hello,  tomorrow June 1st begins my first Whole30.  I'm slightly nervous as I'm not sure how far I'll go before I break down for a cookie,soda, or any of the other not so good for you things I've been shoving in my face in recent years.  


I had knee surgery in early May and that was truly a wake up call about about how I've been treating my body.  It's no wonder things have started to break down.


Most of all I'm excited for the possibilities and the opportunities to learn how my body really reacts to food.  I feel this will be the beginning of a journey I will never forget.


I'm sure I'll see you all around as I ask many questions and read every topic in the Can I have... section.





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I'm starting tomorrow as a first timer, too.  I've have a degenerative spine and osteo arthritis.  I had 6 spinal fusions over the pst 3.5 years and a hip replacement. My doctors are telling me I need 2 more fusions.  I'm active, in my sixties, and have always been an athlete.  I'm not sure what is happening to me with this advanced degeneration that I can't seem to stop.  My doctors all tell me it is in my DNA.  I think there is an element of truth but environmental issues may also be at play.  Hence, the Whole30.  I hope we can support each other?


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