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First timer...starting up June 1

Mark da Shark

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Hey everyone,


In the last seven years, I’ve been on a rollercoaster with trying to lose weight and, more importantly, keep it off. Here are some of the steps I've taken:

-I tried an extreme vegan program (that even forbade olive oil) – lost 30 lbs in 3 months while in college! Gained it all back L

-Tried some hippy “acupuncture +” type of thing. Results were meh.

-Worked with my doctor to identify food allergies. Started feeling better, but lost the will to care if eating bread made my digestive system freak out.

-Went on doctor-prescribed HcG program, lost 60 lbs in 7 months, and felt great! Was maintaining (and honestly would do the program again because of how it made me feel), and then lost the will to maintain it (thanks to easy “food-with-no-brakes” and fast food) and gained it all back and then some L


So I think I’ve identified the root cause of my problem: I lack the WILLPOWER to stick with a program. I tell myself I want to do better, feel better, etc but it’s too easy for me to just be lazy. So I am now going to try the Whole30 program (recommended by my naturalpathic doctor) starting tomorrow June 1. 


I've had troubles mostly with intestinal: IBS, varying/inconsistent bowl movements (sorry, TMI), and just unable to find something that I want to stick with and that has fairly easy recipes. I'm in my mid-30s and have back/hip/knee problems most likely due to my weight. I want to be more active but I feel caught in a catch-22. So hopefully this program is the "reset" button I've been looking for.


I did quite a lot of cooking today lol. Homemade mayo using avocado oil is AMAZING by the way. And where has spaghetti squash "noodles" been all my life?!  I even made a post on my FB page and have gotten some nice support from my friends.


My concern is being able to stick with it and also with meal prep. I usually get to work at 6 am, and lunch is at around 1130. So to even things out I usually make breakfast before I leave (previously, I cooked scrambled eggs or an omelette before leaving). It's usually a bit cold, but not terrible). Any suggestions on "cold" or easily-reheated egg dishes? The frittata maybe? 




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Hi Mark! I started my first Whole30 yesterday, too, at the recommendation of my naturopath. We've already done testing for food sensitivities, so I'm avoiding several things. Unfortunately, eggs are one of those things. She also has me taking a probiotic, and things have settled way down on the IBS front.


When I did eat eggs, frittata was quick and easy to toss into a container, and tasted pretty good at room temperature. It was also good for using up little bits of veggies if I had leftovers.


Good for you for starting this journey - and for cooking! I'm glad you're getting lots of support from friends.

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