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Start date June 10...second Whole 30. Who's with me?


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Good evening friends!


I hope all is well with everyone. It's been a while since I have posted.


I completed a Whole44 back in October, 2014, and felt really proud of myself!  Lots of life changes came (left my job of 9 years, decided to move to a new state, and then made a leap to move to a whole different country!), and my cognizant attitude toward my consumption of food (and beverage) went to the wayside. I got sloppier and sloppier with my habits.


I left NYC in February and then moved to South America for a few months. I'd say the principles of whole30 are doable there (they're doable anywhere if you're structured), but I decided to let go and enjoy the fresh breads and empandas and everything else the country had to offer. It was one of those moments where I realized the experience outweighed the principles. No regrets.....until I started to try on clothes and nothing's fitting!


I've gained probably 15-20 pounds since the fall, and it's depressing me mentally. Even though people say I still look good, I don't feel as good. I'm a runner also, and my runs are nothing like they were earlier in the year. (I didn't really keep up in South America. I blame high altitudes!)


Fast forward to the end of May. I've been back a few weeks, and my habits are still out of wack. I have a trip planned to see friends and I return early next week, Monday, so I thought Wednesday would be a great start day. I desperately need to get back on the wagon and have a reset.


Anyone else care to join me? I can't wait to feel awesome again on the inside and out!!

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