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Successful trip weekend overall and the sugar demon!

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Well...I made it through a long weekend away at a wedding!! Since I am not currently doing a W30, I had decided that I was going to try to eat as close to W30 as possible as much as I could with an understanding that some non-compliant things may sneak in due to restaurant eating and that I would allow myself some leeway (and some possible cake if it looked DELICIOUS) at the actual wedding.

I'm really pleased with my overall choices. I asked questions at the restaurants, made substitutions and think I was pretty compliant. There may have been some seed oil here and there and the bacon I ate probably had sugar but I'm okay with that. I did decide to eat some wedding reception dessert. They had a "brownie" cake and it really was worth eating a small piece.

What is interesting though is that since eating the cake, the sugar demon has definitely hit! Prior to going to the wedding I had begun allowing myself 1 square of super dark chocolate (85-95% cocoa). I tried to limit myself to that 1 square tonight with NO success. Lesson learned--I have not conquered the sugar demon yet and it's a slippery slope for me.

Back to squeaky clean eating I go!!

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