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That day I cheated


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Hello everyone! 


I'm not new the paleo world. I've tried it once, got awesome results but in the long term it really wasn't the best approach for me. However, I decided to give Whole30 to jumpstart my healthy habits, that have been lost for the last 6 months! 


I have been following the plan for 7 days until yesterday. It was Mother's Day in my country, i went to visit my grand mother and she gave me this homemade full fried pastry. I don't know about you, but in my family you don't say no to grandma. So I had the thing... and Oh I felt terrible afterwards!! I was all gassy, my stomach felt like I have swallowed a rock and I felt overall uncomfortable. It is a surprised to me. I didn't know it was possible to get so adapted so fast.  


I'm back on day 1 today. Is not so bad since the worst part has passed. Today I feel very alert and energetic. I jumped out of bed as soon as a heard the alarm (i usually drag myself out of bed after snoozing several times) so it's been good day despite feeling like crap yesterday. 

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Hey there

I hear you

Don't say no to gramma

It's Day 1 for lots of us here

You'll love doing the W30 stick to the shopping list

Timeline and food template

It's so easy

If you are a new cook keep it simple

You'll get lots of help

They'll find you or poke around the forum

They're usually right on my tail!

Good luck!

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Im doing my second whole 30, day 1 is today :) I did my first whole 30 during the month of June, ended on June 30th. On June 31st I ate a compliant breakfast, a compliant lunch then for dinner had pizza and breadsticks. Yay me :(. I knew I was starting another whole 30 today so I figured I didnt need to do the reintroduction phase. I figured I could have that pizza and then get right back on track. Then we went out of town that weekend.....and then we came back home. Needless to say I gained back some of the weight I lost, Im hoping it was mostly water weight :(


This time Im going to actually listen and do the reintroduction phase, and not go so far off track. I cant believe how far off track I went. 

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