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Day 6 blues - have I failed


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I'm crashing and burning.

I'm at day 6, and got fed up with 'fruit and nut moderation' which I was doing really well with only 1-2 peices of fruit a day and minimal nuts.

But today I felt sad, angry and fed up with it all! *dummy spit*

and had 1/2 orange, a punnet of raspberries, a punnet of blue berries, and 4 dates and far too many cashews.

Now I'm wondering if that means I've got to reset to day 1? As I'm obviously trying to give myself a replacement sugar hit, though fruit seems really ineffective (except dates).


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I understand exactly how you feel

In fact you may even see my complaining if you look through the posts.

Like you I really struggled the first few days.I didn't eat noncompliant food but I ate too many nuts and snacked too much especially on fruit

So I decided instead of starting again and calling it day 1 , I would just do a few extra days

Psychologically I could cope better with that

Despite my less than perfect first week I started to feel really good around day11

Sleep improved,happy and full of energy and loose clothes

Hang in there .it gets easier

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Yeah, you really don't have to reset or even guilt yourself out for an excess of fruit. It may take you longer to get fat adapted is all. My first Whole 30 was during May/June, there were strawberries and blueberries everywhere, and I just ate as much fruit as I felt like. My second Whole 30 was during prime peach and plum season. During #3 I've been trying to be conscious of not overbuying fruit, and eating what I do buy only at meals. But: PEACHES.

It's a big change. If you are compliant in all other ways and you eat too much fruit the first time out, you'll still have learned a lot and get a lot of benefits. Just assume you're going to do this Whole 30, and then when you're ready, you'll do a better one, and every time gets easier.

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