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Day 1 Better late than never

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Okay, so today is day 1 of my Whole30 and I'm somewhat of a disaster. I am waiting for my Whole30 book to come in the mail still and have resorted to preparing myself by reading all of the downloadable content, sorting through blogs and pinterest posts, and talking to my dear friend Rebecca (Bfree11). I made the commitment to myself to begin my Whole30 on June 1st and so here I am! My step-son had his birthday this weekend as well as a big sleepover, so I wasn't able to really get out and go grocery shopping/meal prep like I had hoped to. What I was able to do, however, was prepare my kitchen. I cleaned every dish in the house, cleaned out most of the fridge and cabinets, and declutter to create more counter space. Having a clean and organized environment really helps to keep me motivated and makes everything easier. I took a few hours today to meal prep and I'm going grocery shopping later as well.


Here is my plan for a successful week 1:


Breakfast: Baked eggs with spinach and sugar free/nitrate free ham


(There are the best for a grab and go breakfast and I honestly don't mind eating the same breakfast all week long)


Lunch: Alternating tuna "salad" with seaweed chips and chicken "salad" with lettuce cups


Dinner: Alternating grilled chicken and grilled lean pork chops with grilled squash, sautéed swiss chard, and grilled sweet potato. 


(Minimal dishes, minimal time to prepare this stuff, and I'm so thankful for grilling season to be here)


Snacks: berries, apple chips (plain), some sort of tree nut (SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED)


Beverages: water, water, water, water, tea, kombucha 


Exercise goals: Minimum of 5/7 days with more intense physical activity of some kind. Gym/biking/hiking/brisk and long walk with dog


Here goes nothing! 



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Hey there & welcome to whole30


My suggestion for the tree nuts would be to limit them as much as possible. Snacking is discourgaed on whole30 as you get optimum results from sticking to three template meals of proteins, fats, & veggies. Fruit, if you choose to eat it (many don't), should be eaten with or as part of a main meal, not as a snack.

Make sure your salads are HUGE - it takes a ton of that stuff to keep yu satiated for 4-5hrs - think of how much it reduces down when it wilts....

Good luck!!

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