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Lisa's first Whole 30 - start June 1


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Okay, so here I go. Day 1. I already know that my biggest challenge will be my coffee, okay it's more like a latte which I enjoy everyday. I have tried coffee without sugar/sweetener or milk and haven't found a way to drink it other than my usual. So, I may switch to herbal tea.

Meal Plan for Day 1

Breakfast - eggs with veggies and 1/2 banana

Lunch - avocado, carrots, cucumber, berries

Dinner - chicken, asparagus, and sweet potato

My go to snack will likely be an apple with almond butter or a handful of almonds and cashews.

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There is no protein in your lunch at all.  If you'll eat proteins and fats, you won't need any snacks.  Using Trail Mix or fruits and nuts for a snack usually ends badly.  It's protein and fat that you need at least 3X aday.  If you want a snack...wash, rinse, repeat.   Protein and Fat.

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