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After the Whole 90 and and reintroduction now what?

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Hey out there in Whole30 land, a few weeks ago I finished my 90th day on the Whole30 program.  I started the program for one reason - to lower my blood glucose A1C to the normal range.  I had a few slips along the way but I'm proud to announce that I've successfully lowered my blood A1C from 6.4 to to 5.8, which now is in the normal range.  I also lost 20 pounds but since reintroduction I gained 3 pounds back


Recently I followed the recommended guidelines for reintroducing the food groups back into my meals, but I've experienced very little discomfort in eating legumes, grains gluten and some dairy.  This surprised me somewhat.  However, I did feel a little uncomfortable after eating peanut butter and ice cream.    


So after my Whole 90 and the reintroduction now what do I do? Any advice?  Glen

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Glen!   Nice job listening to yourself.    I don't know how many believe the implication is that you simply return to what you used to do.   Not true.   You've spent 90 days developing Positive Food Management Skills.   In order for your good numbers to continue, your good habits have to continue.


When you're dealing with blood sugar or high triglycerides - we can't do the mess 'around.  I've spent a year bringing my numbers down to a normal range.   There is NO FINISH LINE, Glen.    You have to continue on waaaay into your future.   No turning back.


You've used your time wisely.  You've been  experimenting and testing your foods.   Dairy will get you nowhere good with blood sugar, especially ice cream.   That would be something to eat rarely.   I can't eat 5 X aday.    If I do,  my numbers go back up.    I don't do pre/post mini meals.   


I've been taking a mental picture of everything that goes into my piehole and it's kept me much more present and focused in my food and drink selections.


Experimenting with your food and a bunch of sugar avoidance is where you will find your sustainability.   The implication that a Whole 30 turns your body into a machine that metabolizes sugar differently is a falsehood - and going back to old habits is what brings rebound weight gain right back at your doorstep.


As you may have noticed, when you become healthier - the motivation of extreme self-disgust with feeling badly goes away, too.  That's when you have to bring more focus to your game with blood sugar.


We can't think of blood sugar or weight management as something to be conquered or a one time permanent fix.  There is no such thing.   A Whole 30 removes all value judgments and obsessive vigilance from food.   With blood sugar management, it is a delicate balance, Glen.     Continue with your good habits and don't fall back into foods that will get you nowhere good. 

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