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Day 15- VERY tired in the AM but average/more than average in the PM?

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I am completing my first Whole30 (started 5/18) so I am currently on day 15, woo! Half way there! I am starting to see some NSVs (clear skin, waking up without an alarm, reduced bloat) which is very exciting! 


However I am having issues with "energy swings". I wake up without an alarm before 5:30am, workout at the gym, come home and eat a great breakfast, but between 8am-1030ish I am so tired! To the point where if sitting on the couch I would fall asleep or having a difficult time keeping my eyes open at work even. But after lunch I don't have any issues. I start getting tired by 8:30pm and by 9pm I am usually in bed and fall asleep quickly.


For breakfast this morning I had:

-3 fried eggs

-2 large handful of spinach

-1 chicken sausage

-4 strawberries with a little almond butter

-large glass of water


At first I thought I wasn't getting enough to eat during breakfast resulting in the mid morning crash, but even increasing the amount of food at breakfast hasn't helped much.


Any suggestions? Or has this happened to you during your first Whole30?

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Has that been your standard breakfast for the entire 15 days so far? It looks alright to me, a bit light on the veggies though.  Perhaps you want to try having 2-3 cups of veggies (cooked quantity) with your breakfast and try a different fat source like olives or avocado?  How's your water intake? Your stress? Are you eating pre and post workout meals? If you're not, you're likely missing the nutrition of two meals which could be contributing to feeling tired, depending on how intense your exercise is.

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I will eat something like this most days, but other times for breakfast I will have sweet potato hash, omelette topped with guacamole, or frittata. I will definitely increase the amount of veggies I have during breakfast (although admittedly its hard for me to enjoy them early in the morning ha!)


I drink a minimum of 64 oz of water a day, but usually its more like 96 oz- so most days I drink more than 1/2 my body weight in oz of water. My stress level is normal.


I do have a pre workout snack but breakfast coincides with my post workout snack.


Thank you for the suggestions- I will try them out

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