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I have seen that Yogi Tea has "natural and organic flavors" as ingredients. I'm in Germany, we have a tea brand here which is called Messmer. We've bought the "Apple-Vanilla" tea (sold in the US too) http://www.amazon.com/Messmer-Apple-Vanilla-Tea-Pack-2/dp/B0045ZIDDM

and we're not sure it's 100% compliant. It has apple and vanilla flavors in the ingredients list. While Messmer webpage says that they use only natural or identical to natural aromatic compounds: https://www.messmer.de/faq

we don't really know what they are.


So, do you think this tea is compliant? Thanks.

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Natural flavors can be hidden sugar, but because we can't say for sure, it's not banned on your Whole30. That being said, if you are concerned, you can contact the company to find out for certain or just avoid anything that is suspect until after your Whole30.

I already brought this tea to work, and it's already gone. :-) My colleagues have helped me out with this issue. :-) If I were not on Whole 30, I would totally drink this delicious tea, too!

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