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Total freedom (from food addictions!) Second W30 starting 6/2


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I am starting my second Whole30 because I need to overcome my food addictions, especially my addiction to bread and sugar. 


If there are any other second/third/fourth timers out there, I hope you'll reach out. I need a buddy. I am especially reliant on support from the online community because I work in the food and beverage industry and so all my friends go out and eat and drink in restaurants every week. I normally enjoy this too, but I have spent too many mornings waking up bloated and cranky from a night of wine and bread, and though I tell myself each week that "I'll take it easy this time," I have been making poor food choices lately that leave me feeling exhausted. 


I did my first Whole30 on June 2nd last year so starting today has a special meaning for me. This program changed my life and freed me from food addictions that had plagued me my entire adult life. In the last year since I did my first Whole30, I have learned much about how and why I overeat. I am hoping the Whole30 will be a reset for my body and my brain and that I won't be afraid  to Ride My Own Bike afterwards. 



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Ok Day 2 and feeling pretty great. Totally having the "So what's the big deal" phenomenon that the Whole30 Timeline warns about. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. 


Tonight will be a challenge since I will be working an event and be surrounded by lots of delicious non-compliant food and I will be on my feet for hours and won't get to eat dinner until about 10pm. So I need to plan:

Meal 2 will be like a normal lunch at 2pm

"Meal 3" will be a beef Epic bar at 5pm right as my shift is starting

Meal 4 will be more like dinner at around 10pm or whenever I get my break


Another option would be for me to skip the Epic bar at 5pm and wait until I get hungry at work (probably around 7 or 8), and then sneak into the bathroom and eat my snack there which will power me through until dinner. I will see how hungry I am when I start the shift and decide then. 


DAY 1 food:


Meal 1: sugar snap peas, nectarine, banana, 2 tbsp almond butter, hardboiled egg

(I know there's not a lot of protein in this meal, I was a little rushed and unprepared)

Meal 2: 3 fried eggs, sautéed kale, olive oil 

(Ok I know there's not enough fat in this meal, but I drizzled some extra olive oil on the kale after I sautéed it)

Meal 3: 2 complian chicken sausages, sauteed kale, olive oil

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Today is Day 4 and I can't seem to get enough sleep and I am HUNGRY all the time. Or at least, I need to eat more than I think I do. I remember that from doing my first Whole30. Also the urge to just take a sip of wine. Just a sip! Especially at work. 


DAY 4 food:

1. hardboiled egg, raspberries

2. raw and roasted asparagus salad w/avocado, fluke crudo, grilled shrimp over mixed greens, RX bar (blueberry)

3. romaine salade w salami, avocado, 1/2 cup pistachios, RX bar (apple cinnamon)

4. marinated mushrooms, prosciutto, arugula salad ANOTHER RX bar


I think I'm substituting dessert with the RX bars. I don't think its really great to eat 3 energy bars in a day in addition to my meals. I think I'm not eating enough at my meals and so I'm craving more and reach for something easy. Also the sugar dragon. Though there's no added sugar in the RX bars, the combo of dried fruit and nuts gets me like dessert. Will use only for emergencies from now on. 

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I am also doing my second whole30! I started on June 4th, so today is my second day. I can relate to the issues with work...the office I just started working at often serves pizza at meetings, and we have to travel a lot so I'm worried about how I will fair trying to stick to the plan on work trips. I have a two day trip coming up on Monday, and then the next week I have a week long trip which is the one I'm really worried about since I won't be able to cook all week. When I travel, I have the habit of eating terribly. I also don't want to have to explain whole30 and why I'm doing it to my coworkers since I'm new to the office :/ In regards to the energy bars, I found it really helpful just not to snack at all really during my whole30 unless it is an emergency! Snacking when I'm bored has always been an issue for me, so for me it makes sense to try and not snack at all during this second whole30. But I'm glad to see your trying to limit the bars! Fight the sugar dragon haha! :)


Good luck on your journey!

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@rewalton I totally relate, I am also traveling on a longish trip coming up and I am worried about preparing food and finding compliant food on the road. And I especially relate to not wanting to explain to coworkers and friends about the whole30. I'm not even new to my workplace but I just don't want to get made fun of. Also I work in the food and beverage industry so its kind of looked down upon to not drink and eat indulgently. People are like, 'what is wrong with you?' but I guess that is my fear over what people think at work. 


Let me know how your trip goes! Keep me updated and stay strong despite the old habits of eating poorly on the road!

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I have been sleeping pretty well, though finding that I want to sleep later and later each day. But I have not taken any ambient all week which I had been relying on pretty regularly before I started this. I've been finding I don't rely on caffeine as much either. I've only had coffee once!


Day 5 food:


1. sauteed kale, 3 eggs, 1/2 avocado, papaya

2. RX bar, hardboiled egg

3. arugula salad w mushrooms and prosciutto, 1/2 chicken sausage

4. sauteed kale, beef brisket, spare ribs

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Sometimes, I find that saying something like "I haven't been feeling well lately, so I'm seeing if what I eat is what's making me feel bad" to people who might judge you for doing whole30 can be a quick easy way to explain it! They can't really judge you for that haha!

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Feeling very tired today and the urge to eat sugar is very strong. I worked late last night and slept until almost noon today so my meal schedule is  a little off since I wasn't eating "breakfast" until 1pm. But I'm getting back on track. I've got to keep an eye on using RX bars as "dessert". I often crave one after a meal. 


DAY 6:

1. raspberries, sauteed kale, 2 chicken sausages, hardboiled egg

2. 3 eggs, sautéed kale, 1/2 avocado

3. roasted asparagus, hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, steak

4. more steak

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Yesterday was a tough day, and my meals reflected it. I was feeling sad and lonely because my boyfriend is out of town, and on top of that, tired from a long week of working many hours on my feet. Well I learned once again that I am an emotional eater (part of the reason I am here in the first place), and also learned that I will misuse RX bars if I'm not careful. If I overeat RXBars again during my Whole30 then I will restart. Since I didn't eat anything non-compliant, I'm going to let this one less-than-ideal-meal pass. 



1. 3 eggs, sautéed kale, 1/2 avocado

2. 2 RXBars, 1 tbsp almond butter

3. Romaine salad, steak, 1/2 avocado

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Well, I think I am going to decide to restart my WHole30. I have the opportunity to visit Bogota, Columbia for a week and since its not a business trip but more  of a fun, unexpected free ticket, I don't want to experience my first time there trying to stay compliant. I'll be in a hotel room without a kitchen and will be eating out almost every night. Also I don't speak a ton of spanish so communication with servers/chefs/restaurants will be difficult. I'm going to continue to eat WHole30 until I leave on the 15th and then will restart my Whole30 on June 23rd when I return to the states. I marked it in my calendar and have been telling my friends so that I can hopefully have support. I think this is the best decision for me. 

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Ok I'm back! I went to Colombia and I ate SO MUCH BREAD cause that is what they do there. The Arepas with cheese were amazing and so were the chocolate baguettes. Oof. So now I need the Whole 30 more than ever and I am so excited to have started. 


Only problem: food poisoning my last day in Colombia. Woof. But I'm getting by on bananas and coconut yogurt, chicken and plantains. Definitely not ideal, but when I ate kale the other my body rebelled pretty hard. So one more day of no leafy vegetables probably before I'm back on track. I see it is as a challenge to work through though. Just because my tummy is upset doesn't mean I have to eat crackers and gatorade all day. There are healthier options. 


Good news? I found compliant coconut yogurt. Only ingredients are coconut, coconut water and live active cultures. Its expensive but kind of perfect when you've got the runs. Sorry TMI. 


DAY 1:

1. 1/2 RX bar, coconut yogurt

2. other half of RX bar, coconut yogurt, cherries

3. 3 eggs, sautéed kale, olives

(obviously not an ideal day since there were few vegetables, but my tummy just wasn't ready for them yet. I tried with the kale, it did not go well)


DAY 2:

1. banana, coconut yogurt, walnuts

2. sauteed onions, 2 chicken sausages, olives

3. RX bar

4. chicken breast, plantains, green beans

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Finally feeling better this morning woo! The only nice thing about the food poisoning was that I didn't really have cravings or the urge to overeat (which I pretty much always have). So I feel like I got kind of a natural re-set which is nice, and was able to make it through the first couple of days without the usual sugar headaches and such. Maybe they're on their way ...


DAY 3:

1. coconut yogurt, banana, chia seeds, bee pollen

2. beef epic bar, cherries, walnuts, artichoke hearts (I was on the go and this was totally a just-grab-whatever-you-can meal).

3. RX bar w a little sunbutter

4. Thai green curry w/chicken, coconut yogurt

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1. Beef Epic bar

2. crab salad w homemade mayo, celery, artichoke hearts and onions

3. banana w sunflower butter

4. cauliflower rice w egg and crispy prosciutto

5. banana w almond butter


I think I'm not eating enough at meals since I'm getting hungry enough between to crave a snack and then my choices for a snack are fruit and nuts which is just feeding my sugar dragon. I'm totally compliant, and I'm going easy on myself because I am still getting over this bout of food poisoning, but yeah I've got  to get more food in for breakfast and probably lunch too. 


Ok here goes!

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1. 3 eggs, sautéed kale, 1/2 avocado

2. prosciutto, Sea Snax seaweed, cashew "cheese" (compliant), kombucha

3. crab salad, bacon Epic bar (don't like this flavor), banana w/sunflower butter


Ok I really have to cut out the fruit w nut butter as a snack. Its compliant technically, but I'm totally using it to feed my sugar dragon. I'm having a hard time with this. I am very addicted to sugar! But I've identified the problem and now I just have to starve it out. I've been going easy on myself since its the first week and my main goal is to stay 100% compliant. 

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I love nut butter which is a problem for me.  I quickly found out I was craving it to have with my apple.  For me, it wasn't the sugar dragon I was arousing rather my bad habits and "cravings". 


Good on your for recognizing you have to lay low on the nut butter.  Bravo!!! 


You are acing the Whole30 thang, girl!!  B)

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Having more trouble sleeping which is weird, usually it improves by now, but I'm going to try turning off electronics sooner. 




pre-wo: half a beef Epic bar

post-wo: other half of Epic bar

1. homemade crab cakes, steamed asparagus, 1/2 avocado, nectarine

2. cauliflower "fried rice" w egg and chicken

3. more cauliflower fried rice, RX bar (coconut cacao), hazelnuts

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Still having issues falling asleep. I turned off electronics last night and got into bed around midnight, I chatted with my boyfriend and read until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer (around 1am) and then we turned off the lights and I tossed and turned for another hour! What gives!? I have cut way back on caffeine since I started the Whole30 (I have 1-3 cups of black tea, never anything after 4pm), but maybe I need to cut back more. Ugh that would be disappointing cause I think of that as the one "fun" thing I can have. I did have a kombucha at about 6pm so that was probably it. Ok I'll watch it on the Kombucha. 


1. 3 eggs, 1/2 avocado, steamed asparagus

2. 2 chicken sausages, sauteed kale, small sweet potato w/ghee, papaya

3. RX Bar (since I went to a class from 7-10 I needed something to carry me over to a late dinner)

4. homemade crab cakes: lump crab, celery, onion, egg, almond meal topped w homemade mayo

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I've been away for a few days and haven't logged my food but I am staying compliant and feeling really good. I have sustained energy throughout the day! Things to work on:


I still really want that sugar snack after dinner and I have been indulging in an apple with almond butter or an RX bar. That's got to change this week. I want to slay the dragon. So my goal is to get through the week without eating after dinner. Though I will have to do some strategic planning and preparing for this weekend when I am working late shifts. 



1. crab cakes, asparagus, blueberries

2. RX Bar, wild Zora bar, salmon sashimi in a lettuce cup, grapes

3. bibb lettuce salad, 2 ribs, hanger steak, sauteed vegetables



1. 3 scrambled eggs, sautéed zucchini, 1/2 avocado

2. wild zora bar

3. crab cakes w homemade mayo, lettuce, RX bar

4. apple w almond butter


DAY 10

1. coconut yogurt, blueberries, walnuts

2. pistachios, sashimi, avocado, cucumber

3. 3 chicken sausages, roasted broccoli w pancetta, tomato basil salad

4. RX bar, cashew cheese

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Really proud of myself for not turning to compliant sugar sources at work last night or after I came home! It was hard. But I am slaying that dragon. Turns out I had a bunch of emotional stuff going on and needed to bring that up with my boyfriend. I am feeling better this morning. 


DAY 11

pre-w/o: Zora beef + veggie bar

post w/o: Zora turkey + veggie bar

1. 2 chicken sausages, avocado, lettuce, tomato basil salad

2. RX bar

3. chicken breast (skin on), lettuce, homemade potato "chips", roasted cauliflower

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DAY 12

1. 3 eggs, homemade mayo, tomato basil salad, blueberries

2. 2 chicken sausages, romaine salad w tomatoes and basil

3. Hard boiled egg, pistachios, prosciutto, 1/2 hamburger patty, arugula

I am very proud of myself for making it through work last night and staying compliant! Long late nights closing down the bar are some of the hardest times for me. When I finish closing I can think of no better reward than wine and bread and cheese. But then this makes me feel terrible. So, I've got to come up with some non sugar options. But I toughed it out last night and made it through with no bread or wine or sugar and I feel great about that today.

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I am two weeks in and feeling so much better. Digestion is improved, cravings are beginning to fade and I have much more stable energy throughout the day. I had some KILL ALL THINGS moments a few days ago, but what can you do? I think that since I'm not burying my feelings in food and alcohol I am having to face a lot more emotions head on. Which in the end is a good thing. 


1. blueberries, 3 eggs, kale, coconut yogurt

2. small hamburger patty, sweet potato hash w/onions + celery + chorizo, pisatchios

3. RX Bar

4. beef brisket, cabbage slaw, cucumbers

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DAY 15

Pre-wo: 1 egg, 1/4 avocado

1. Beef brisket, romaine salad, pickled onions and celery, 1/4 avocado

2. Rex bar, almonds

3. Lamb sausage, 2 hard boiled eggs, hazelnuts

I got caught at work last night with no dinner, but I ate what I could and then had two hard boiled eggs when I got home at midnight because I didn't want to eat a big meal right before bed.

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