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Day 16: might be doing this wrong? shaky and hyper feeling

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Hello. I'm on day 16 and this morning I woke up feeling shaky and sort of hyper like I'd had too much caffeine (I haven't had any today).  I also had night sweats for the first time in a long time, which was gross.  I feel rather like my blood sugar is too low, and I'm thinking I'm just not doing the meals correctly. I only have the "It starts with food" book, not the "whole 30 book".  Yesterday this is what I ate.  PS. I can't have eggs, they give me terrible cystic acne.


Breakfast: 7:30am

2 chicken salad in lettuce wraps

shredded chicken

chopped up peach bits (1 cup for the whole thing, so each serving has less than 1/4 a peach)

some currants

some pecans

coconut cream (instead of mayo)

butter lettuce for the wrap


Lunch: 12pm

spagetti squash spaghetti

about 1 cup spaghetti squash

1 cup marina sauce with ground beef


Snack; 2pm

handful of macadamia nuts


Snack: 5pm

2 dates with coconut cream


Dinner: 7:30pm

Stuffed mushroom

I huge portabella cap

ground pork sausage with onions, peppers and spinach mixed in

1 valencia orange

tea (decaf) with 1 tablespoon coconut cream


Also at 10am I did my 3rd cross-fit on ramp class.  


I don't normally snack on dates, that was an experiment because I saw the recipe online associated with whole30 and it sounded good, but I don't think it worked for me, and it wasn't my favorite anyhow.   


So this morning I had the chicken lettuce wraps again, and half a banana to try to get my blood sugar back up if that is what was happening, but I still feel shaky.  Maybe it's muscle exhaustion from yesterday, but night sweats are usually sign of a low blood sugar.  What I'm worried about is that this diet is somehow making me LESS tolerant of sugar changes rather than more tolerant.  I mean I don't want to do this forever.  I want to go back to being able to have a slice of cake once in a while.  I was a huge sugar addict and I've been really surprised how I could just stop cold turkey, but I really just want to lose some weight and get back to regular but less sugar crazy life.  I don't have  any gut problems I know of, I've done an egg/milk/gluten elimination diet before and I know only the eggs seem to affect my health.  I've also never had blood sugar problems before, except when I have occasionally tried to fast.  



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Hey littlelala,


Sorry you aren't feeling well.  The snacking on dates alone and nuts alone is not recommended. Beware internet "recipes" that are touting compliant ingredients in non compliant ways. If you are hungry between meals, don't snack.  Instead, eat a mini meal containing at least protein and fat but ideally also veggies.


Your meals look on the small side to me.  Try bumping them up by at least half and see how you go.  The meal template amounts (template linked below) is the minimum that you should be eating at any one time.   Don't let fruits push veggies off your plate, fill up on at least 1-3 cups of veggies each meal before considering adding fruits.  Snacking on dates or other fresh or dried fruits alone is going to spike your blood sugar and eventually lead to a crash which isn't going to feel very good.


I am not medically trained but eventually once your body becomes fat adapted, it should be able to easily switch between burning sugar/carbs for fuel and burning fat for fuel.  Whether or not that makes you, personally, more or less able to deal with an influx of sugar is more down to your own physiology than it is to eating protein, veggies and fats.

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Guest Andria

Hi Lala, thanks for posting some of your meals. I definitely can see a few things (but it ultimately boiled down to ONE thing)  that could be responsible for the issues you are describing.


1.  It is a little difficult to determine your portions for M1 and M3, but it really looks like you are not eating anywhere near enough food.


2. You had two snacks between you lunch and dinner.  This is pretty much confirmation that you are not consuming enough food.


3.  You are doing Crossfit and you make no mention of your pre and post wo meals.  Another conformation that you are not eating enough.


If you are hungry enough to eat between meals focus on having a mini meal of protein, fat and veg but ultimately work towards making your main meals, especially M1 larger.  The snack of date and coconut cream borders on SWYPO anyway - good thing you didn't care for it.


Strenuous exercise requires a post wo meal of lean protein and possibly a starchy carb (if needed), no fat.  You could consider adding a pre wo meal as well if your workout is several hours after one of your main meals. A pre wo meal would consist of protein and fat, no carb.


Overall, you could use at least one serving of starchy carb at least on the days you Crossift.


So, basically the take home message is you are likely having the symptoms because you need more food!  Eat up!

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Thanks for all the feedback guys.  Any suggestions on how to make myself eat more though?  I'm honestly not sure how I could. I'm only 5'2'' 140lbs, so I'm already on a small side for metabolism, I've never needed much food.  So far I've been having trouble even finishing the meals I have made. (I do finish them but I feel very full)  The snacks yesterday really were an anomaly more from boredom than hunger.  

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