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Longtime Paleo Eater - whole30


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I am hoping this forum will help me with my accountability during this round of whole30. I am not new to eating Paleo. I started more than 3 years ago with a weekend with friends. They showed me the light, and ever since then, I've only cooked Paleo. I am not as strict when I eat out, but I am lactose intolerant, so that forces me a little. 


This round of whole30 for me is to get me back on track in the healthy lifestyle. I have started back up at the gym and wanted to kickstart all my changes right. 


I don't weigh myself -- because that's depressing, but I do notice my pants have gotten tighter and I can see it in my face. So I wrote down some measurements last week. And started my whole30 yesterday. The hardest part -- not drinking. It's summer, and it's hot here in DC, and a cold beer is always the way to cool down! That being said, because it's summer, and I'm young, I'm not going to be so hard on myself if I have a drink every once in a while. Tequila and soda water with lime has actually become one of my favorite drinks. I realize this will set me back one the whole30 cycle, but I have done so many of these, I use them more of a reset button on my food mindset and less of figuring out what I need to cut out. Hopefully you won't judge me too harshly :)


Day 1

Bfast: three soft boiled eggs, slice of leftover paleo banana bread, black coffee

Lunch: Arugula salad with: balsamic chicken, cherry tomatoes, persian cucumber, 1/2 avo, homemade creamy balsamic vinaigrette (with homemade mayo)

Dinner: Chicken thighs with roasted eggplant, red pepper cooked in the Best Stir-Fry Sauce EVER over cauli rice

after dinner treat: 2 dates


Day 2

Bfast: three soft boiled eggs, slice of leftover paleo banana bread (only one more piece left!), black coffee

Lunch: Leftover dinner

Dinner: TBD


It's hard to notice any differences for me since I cut out gluten and dairy so long ago. But I do love waking up before my alarm clock every morning! 


Are there any other Paleo veteran's that do whole30's to reset?

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