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Kelsey's Second Whole30


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So, a little back story is in order . . .


I am a 24 year old, living with my wonderful husband, working as a full time nanny, and full time student. I have had an awful, obsessive relationship with food for as long as my memory spans. I've never not struggled with anorexia or binge eating or a host in between eating disorders.


Whole30 was the first way that I was able to eat without answering the cues of cravings or starvation entirely. I loved my whole30, so much that I made it a whole40, and convinced so many wonderful girls to take it for a spin.


I have been doing some reintroduction and it is honestly as if I have fallen off the wagon. I am not going on a binge, and I'm honestly just trying some things here and there, but I can already see a change in my workouts, my gut health (no lady wants to have gas) and even my sleep. 


More than anything, I hear the calls of sugar already, and by not being on a whole30, I feel like I am exposed and vulnerable to foods that I don't want messing with all the wonderful benefits that my first whole30 gave me. So tomorrow I begin my second Whole30 AND I have decided to call on my "Whole30 family" for support. 


My husband is very understanding, but most people in my life find it strange and "unhealthy" (if they only knew!). So I hope that you all can help me through it!

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