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Feeling Overwhelmed


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I am starting on Sunday, June 7th.


I've started thinking about things I'll eat and I'm getting overwhelmed thinking about how to start.


From those who have done this already, what is a good "basic" first week of shopping and prepping.


I have read some of the posts on bulk cooking so I think so far:


  • Bulk grill chicken
  • Bulk boil eggs
  • Bulk boil potatoes
  • Chop and prep all veggies
  • Make clarified butter
  • Make mayo or dressing

Shopping will include the above, but what other staples? I have read that many people make the mistake of not eating enough the first week....


Any advice would be much appreciated.

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A big roast in a crockpot is great. Freeze some for next week, still have plenty for this week!


I like Tom Denham's super simple chuck roast recipe: http://www.wholelifeeating.com/2012/02/slow-cooker-chuck-roast/


Stock up on some avocados and olives for portable, delicious fat.


Canned salmon is great - make salmon salad to add to greens, etc or make No Fuss Salmon Cakes with them. Yum!

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Looks like you've already got a great start to your planning. I would also recommend making sure you have some olive oil (or avocado oil if that's readily available to you) on hand to dress your salads or drizzle over cooked foods. My weekly prep is usually some like this:


-Roast chicken (pull off the meat and save for quick, throw-together meals)

-Pork shoulder in the crockpot (I use the kalua pork recipe from Nom Nom Paleo)

-Ground beef browned in skillet or meatballs (sometimes. Other times I'm too lazy)

-Large cookie sheet of diced sweet potatoes roasted in the oven and/or pre-shred a large sweet potato

-Head of cabbage shredded on the mandolin (I usually do half at a time and shred the rest mid-week because I don't have tupperware big enough to do the entire head at once)

-Another cookie sheet full of a roasted green veggie--asparagus, green beans, broccoli, snap peas, etc.


I don't always do all of this on the same day. The chicken usually gets shredded on whatever day I grocery shop. Pork shoulder usually happens Saturday night. I can let it cook overnight and then it's good to go when I get home from church. Sweet potatoes will happen whenever we choose to eat them for dinner or else I'll just make do with shredded potato to add to the skillet with other meal ingredients. I tend to prep veggies while dinner is cooking. If you can make it a habit of doing one extra thing every time you're in the kitchen, it'll really help to make sure you always have food on hand. So if you've got the oven on for a casserole, toss in another cookie sheet with veggies, sweet potatoes, or protein. Or chop extra veggies while you're waiting on something to cook on the stove top. You'll figure out your own rhythm pretty quick.

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Yes all the above is great

My rule of thumb is to always have

3 cooked proteins available

Pan of roasted root veggies

Canned Tonno in olive oil

Fresh lettuce and cherry tomatoes

Roasted red peppers jarred in water

Pan of roasted yams and russets or oven browned

Hm mayo hot sauce clarified butter

Compliant baked bacon

6 doz eggs per week or more in this house

I only boil a fee for take along or potato salad

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