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After years of eating anything and everything I wanted, I gained a lot of weight and was beginning to have lots of skin/stomach issues.  I have tried every diet out there but was unable to stick with any for more than a few days.  I would always eat something not on the diet then decide to just start over the following Monday.  In reality, I was just giving myself permission to continue my bad eating habits.  I downloaded the Whole 30 books and started my Whole30 program on May 28.  I am on day 6 and so far for me this has been the easiest diet to follow.   I plan my meals in advance and make things that will last a couple of meals.  My favorite so far has been the Gazpacho I made in my vitamix and topped with roasted shrimp.  I haven't felt the need to snack and I have not had any desire to return to my old eating habits.  I already feel better!  My stomach issues have disappeared and I feel lighter.  I weighed on day 1 and will not weight again until day 30.  However, I am still waiting for my skin issues to clear up.  My plan is to do a Whole60.  Good luck to everyone adopting a Whole30 lifestyle!

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