Day 17- hungry and crashing early

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I am at day 17 and can feel and see the difference- and I love it!


Starting at day 15, 16 and now 17 I am getting hungry between meals.  I want to snack all day long and if I don't watch myself I will.  I am also bursting with energy starting at 7am thru about 6pm- then I crash HARD and can barely get up the energy to cook dinner.  Here is a typical day:


Pre WO- HBE or slice of turkey (compliant deli)

Po WO- bite of protein (chicken or turkey) and a bite of sweet potato


B- 3 eggs and a veggie (tomato, sweet potato, mushroom)


L- Sizable piece of protein like 6oz (chicken, steak, turkey), veggies (Brussels sprouts and butternut squash this week) and a small fruit


D- Same as lunch- just mixing it up so I don't repeat the same meal in 1 day


I workout 5 times a week- either spin or high intensity body conditioning.  Lately, I am allowing myself a small snack in between meals (like fruit or nuts or lara bar).  Yesterday I had 2 snacks.  I don't want to eat more but feel my body needing it.  Is it better to eat more at meals or better to have a snack?



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Okay .....


If you are feeling hungry and crashing early + snacking in between this tells me that you need to eat more.


Increase your portion size substantially.  Include fats (I don't see any listed)  Please note that cooking fats generally get left behind in the pan unless you scrap them out on your dish.


So in short - JUST EAT MORE!


And you'll do fine.   ;)

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Try to stay away from fruit and larabars as snacks, they will only perpetuate the problem as they crank your blood sugar up and then when it inevitably plummets you get the hunger and exhaustion.  If you are truly hungry between meals despite bumping yup your portions, have a mini meal of at least protein and fat but ideally also veggies.


That level of exercise, spin and HIIT may full well mean that you need a fourth full meal during your day.  That is a lot of intense activity to ask of your body. 


Note as well that the soul sucking exhaustion you are feeling may be a sign of overtraining, maybe consider taking a rest week or alternating a few more rest days into your week.

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What the above ladies said. You want to compose meals that satiate you for 4-5 hours. Keep playing with the portion sizes until you get there.

Also, why are you only having a bite of protein and a bite of carb for your post WO meal?  Per the meal template, the recommendation is a "meal-sized easily digestible protein".  Tweak the carb size so it works for you - perhaps start with a fist-sized amount and then increase/decrease from there.

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Thank you everyone.  I forgot to mention that I am also eating plenty of fat- Ghee with eggs, then I cook with Coconut oils and drizzle olive oil on veggies.


I'll add more protein overall to each meal and see how I do.  I'm craving the fruit so I will try to break that habit.  

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